My Custom Characters


These are your characters that you have either created from your imagination, or have customized in some way from the "canon" or "official" versions. Custom characters can have collection items assigned to them so you can create their "world" with items that match their personality and interests. Edit the collection item and use the "Custom character" field to assign items, including the doll. (Note: you can do this in bulk from the lists of your collection items but in the Collector's Guide and Collection Tracker.) You can use any of your pictures to be the custom character's thumbnail using the "ID picture" field.

Creating custom versions of canon characters is a great way to add items that work with that character to that character's collection even if the items were made by a different company or intended for a different character.

Characters can optionally be put into "friend groups", for instance if you collect American Girl you may have "Addy & Friends" for your custom Sarah and Harriet dolls who are friends of hers from the books.

Click on "Add custom character" to create a new character and fill in the form. Note that "official" characters used by doll companies (either fictional or based on real people) should be added over in the Dollipedia at Collector's Guide > Doll Characters. You can link your Custom Character to that "canon" character using the "Based on canon character" field.

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