Haley Young Scientist

Meet Haley

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C7 - Excellent
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I think they are quite good quality. I didn’t expect to like her as much as I did. Haley’s wig had a couple of weird, wiry hairs which I trimmed, but overall it’s quite nice. Both dolls have blue eyes though I don’t know if they’re exactly the same shade – Haley’s are so light that they make her look “starey” to me. Kind of like my Kirsten who’s in the body type comparison pictures. Her body quality is pretty good though one leg is shorter than the other so she has trouble standing well on her own unless wearing flat-soled shoes. On a scale of 1 (like a Springfield doll you’d get at a hobby store) to 10 (AG), I’d give her a 7 for quality. Cuteness is a matter of taste (to me she gets a 6), and 6 for concept (I like science and girls who are into it, but I’m not that interested in my dolls teaching religion).