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When ten-year-old Jess McConnell meets a new friend on her trip to the ancient Maya ruins in Belize, she is invited on an eco-adventure and makes some real discoveries--about the dangers in the Belizean jungle, about the people who have lived there since long ago, and about herself. Read more about Jess

Tiger Magic

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A mysterious cat leads you and your best friend on a magical journey to the jungles in India. Suddenly, it is up to you to protect an endangered tiger cub from poachers who want to capture it for money. You will also make an Indian friend and learn about her life in a village, and what she finds important. Read more about Tiger Magic

A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong

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After making the exact same birthday wish, you and your best friend accidentally find yourselves inside the Cinderella fairy tale! Now it is your job to keep the story on track so Cinderella will wind up with her prince and you can return home safely to your family. A visit by the Fairy Godmother, a trip to the Royal Ball, and a ride on a magic swan await you on your adventure.

Suzanne Williams is an award-winning author who has written nearly 40 books for children. Recommended for ages 5 – 8 years old. Read more about A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong


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