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My husband just purchase a Play Zone Style Girl doll (18 in Sara) and she is very nice except that her eyes do not close. Is this typical for for this particular brand? He thinks it is fine but it sort of creeps me out to give as a gift when the eyes do not close when it is laid down. Wondering if I have a "dud" or if this is just the way they are. Any responses appreciated!!!

Jeni Dickson Atwood

I’ve noticed that many of the “affordable” play dolls don’t have sleep eyes. I almost didn’t get her for that reason. But this is a grown up concern. These dolls are marketed to younger children and the preschool set doesn’t seem to mind. I think it’s a great starter doll, I got one for my 4 year old niece recently because these dolls are just beautiful. Really pretty faces. I can’t find info on where these molds are from but they are lovely.

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