Basement, Including the Doll Mansion As Picture Story

Welcome to my doll room!

I'm going to take you on a tour of my basement doll room, which includes this enormous dollhouse (a.k.a. the doll mansion) for 18" dolls. We'll go around the room counter-clockwise.

Most of the dolls in the doll room are 18" vinyl play dolls, including American Girl, Götz, Carpatina, and Magic Attic Club (my favorite kinds of dolls to play with). I have more dolls upstairs, mostly in my bedroom, but the basement doll room is the main play area. The most frequent question I get is, "Just how many dolls are down here anyway?!" One reason I created this tour was to make a visual "census" of the dolls. You can count, if you'd like, as you go around the room and I'll give you a grand total at the end of the tour.

This is a wide shot of the dollhouse, which is the most eye-catching feature of the room. It is in a narrow part of the basement, so it is difficult to get a picture of the whole thing. This is a slightly old picture, but, as you can see, it still needs an interior decorator but it is fully furnished and lots of fun to play in!