Sasha Dolls: The History

Author(s): Anne Votaw, Ann Louise Chandler, Susanna E. Lewis
The visionary Sasha Doll designed in the 1940's by Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler to teach humanitarian ideals has creatively engaged children and collectors ever since. The development of the Sasha Doll - from models sculpted in the artist's Zurich studio and first sold in December 1945 to the later manufactured vinyl replicas by Germany's Gotz, England's Frido/Trendon, and Gotz again in 1995, plus a passionate but ill-fated American prduction attempt - is examined in fascinating detail in this book. The authors share their first-hand knowledge of the later Sasha productions, as well as decades of primary research, including numerous interviews with those involved in the doll's history. They also trace the ongoing philosophical, aesthetic and technical issues surrounding the production of this beloved plaything. The result is a compeliling, behind-the-scenes story that reveals the many complexities of producing the four generations of the Sasha Doll. Also included is a comprehensive illustrated guide to identifying Studio Sasha Dolls that explains the evolution of molding mediums, body construction, jointing systems and the artist's painting style and reliance on repeating forms.

More that 250 color photos of manufactured Sashas and Studio dolls, including many shown for the first time in print, make Sasha Dolls: The History a must-have for lovers of this enigmatic doll.

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Publisher: Reverie Publishing Company
Publication date: August 1, 2011
Binding: Hardcover,
144 pages
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