Isabel Doll & Book

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Twelve-year-old Isabel Campion dreams of adventure, but faces a future that seems dull and limited. Then, on the road from London, Isabel™ survives an attack by brigands and ends up traveling with a band of actors who left London to escape the plague. Isabel gets to live the adventures she’d only imagined. But when given new choices, she must decide what direction her life will take.

Isabel’s profile shows her family’s place in society. Even from the back, her wide skirt and tall, fancy lace ruff tell the world that her family is wealthy and important.

For 12-year-old Isabel Campion, Christmas Eve is a day of bright, shivery happiness. At last she will see her beloved brother, Robert, and hear of his exciting life as an apprentice to a spice merchant. How she longs for adventures and excitement of her own!

Isabel™ dresses quickly in the chilly air, starting with a wheel farthingale, a petticoat that stands out stiffly from her waist. The bigger the farthingale, the more yards of expensive fabric needed to cover it—and so the wealthier the family.

Isabel’s bodice and overskirt are made from rich, soft velvet lined with gold satin, and her underskirt is silk jacquard. Her girdle, or belt, holds a mirror, keys, and a gem-studded pomander filled with lavender to cover up the smells of the city and to protect her from disease. With her hair tucked into a snood, or hairnet, Isabel’s starched lace ruff frames her face and calls attention to the gold and pearl jewelry that show off her father’s social standing. But Isabel has adventure, not social status, in mind, and her determination leads her to the most rewarding—and dangerous—adventure of her life.

Your 9-inch Isabel doll arrives on a stand and comes with an Isabel: Taking Wing paperback book by Annie Dalton.


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