Akai Hime Doll Kimono

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“Outside the window, the autumn wind teased the willow branches. Akai Hime put down her ink brush and stepped to the paper sliding doors. How lovely it would have been to go with her father on his visit to the shogun. But as a girl, her place was here…always here.

Akai Hime turned to her mirror and adjusted her kimono. It had been a gift from her father. The gorgeous red brocade gleamed in the sun, its patterns of blue and gold catching the light like darting fish. A deep blue velvet obi, trimmed with gold braid, cinched her waist. Upon her feet were sandals perfectly matched to the red of her kimono.

“My little sparrow,” her father had exclaimed when she had first donned his gift. “How beautiful!”

“My little sparrow,” Akai Hime whispered now. Her eyes rose to the corner of her room, where a cage swung in the breeze.

That spring she had found her friend. She had discovered the tiny sparrow in the garden, hurt, frightened, hungry. Akai Hime had saved the bird, feeding and sheltering it in a cage in her room. Always meaning to let it go, but never wanting to lose her friend.

Across the autumn sky came the farewell cries of departing birds. And as if in reply, Akai Hime stepped to the birdcage. With a firm hand, she opened the door for the last time.

~ Red brocade kimono
~ Velvet Obi sash
~ Japanese style sandals
~ Hair sticks


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