The Queen's Treasures

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777 North 5th St.
18360 Stroudsburg, PA
United States
Phone: 570.424.7333
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Direct to customer - website
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From the company's website in 2008:

The beginning. . . . . .
LizAnn, Stacey and Joann met nearly 20 years ago through Joann’s best friend who is Stacy and LizAnn’s cousin.

Joann opened a small retail gourmet-gift store in the Pocono Mountains of PA in December 1988 called Truly Tasteful. The business quickly grew and she expanded to a larger store while rapidly growing her multi-state following and creating a successful retail catalog business. In 1994 she began wholesaling her cleverly packaged products and the business exploded! Joann began enlisting talented coworkers to help her manage the great demand for her products and the business grew into a multi-million dollar wholesale/retail operation selling products to over 13,000 retailers nationally. She designed and imported and extensive line of products - a portion of which you see on this website today.

With the exhausting pace of the business and the demands of her growing children – Joann jumped at the opportunity to merge her business with some local businessmen – hoping to ease the stress of managing. The new management and combined business was not what she hoped for. Joann had given up control of the business and was faced with watching decisions being made that she knew would be detrimental to the business. Joann left the business she loved and nurtured out of utter frustration. Now faced with no job and no college degree - Joann decided to start a new business helping large companies design, manufacture and direct-import products, landing several prestigious clients. She opened an office abroad, created an office in her home and began enjoying work again.

Joann “discovered” eBay in November of 2005 purchasing Christmas gifts for her children. She decided to try selling some of the NUMEROUS production samples she had accumulated - and quickly saw that her eBay “pastime” could become a lucrative business.

After years of working hard to turn "lemons into lemonade" trying to create a good situation out of a bad one;- Joann was offered the remaining inventory left in her former business at a price she could not refuse. Joann purchased the inventory, created a successful eBay store and website – www.thequeenstreasures. Now with 2 successful business’s - Joann decided that there was WAY too much “Kingdom” for only one “Queen”.Discussing this with her friend Lucille – they both realized they knew the perfect candidates – LizAnn and Stacey! Stacey and LizAnn jumped at the chance realizing this was a dream come true! Both “newly crowned Queens” were eager to join a business where they could utilize their wonderful talents – and still be a “mom”!

LizAnn worked for over 20 years in the advertising field which started in Philadelphia then New York City and finally Boston.
Stacey worked in New York City for over 15 years, teaching and mentoring mentally challenged children and adults. Both sisters moved to Stroudsburg a few years ago, with their husbands and children, to slow the pace of their lives and have more time for family life.

The “Kingdom” today....
Well the pace SURELY is not slow – but we are right there with our families everyday! As we all know – balance is a struggle. Being a part of The Queen’s Treasures has given us the freedom to make our own hours and have enough time for our husbands and children. We are three extremely hardworking Moms committed to our families and The Queens Treasures. Most days we are working while our children are running around us and - at times hanging on us. Some of you may have even gotten your shipments with the beautiful “drawings” our children have added to the outside of the boxes. (No extra charge!)We are usually “SLUMPADINKS” (as Oprah Winfrey calls it) looking anything BUT regal – being un-showered, no makeup and wearing our “uniform” of sweatpants! (We do eventually “primp” for the day).

We truly believe that customers are always right. We promise to always offer you extreme value- for-your dollar and the best possible service we can provide. We love designing and creating new items for you, our wonderful customers. We always get our children’s thoughts and opinions before we manufacturer a product, because we know if they like it - you will too. We enjoy reading your feedback and are extremely proud of the high percentage of repeat business we receive.

Thanks for Visiting The Queen’s Treasures.. . . . . Come Back Soon!

Joann, LizAnn and Stacey

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