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LorettaRose, LLC is a family-owned company whose mission is to produce high quality dolls and plush toys with theme booklets for children to learn from and enjoy. Our focus is on raising children’s social consciousness about caring for their peers and environment. We educate the public about the need for more services for teens and adults with developmental differences, and we provide work experiences and training to these individuals. Please read more below about the My Sibling/My Pal Work Experience Program™. Many of our products are made in the USA.


Loretta Boronat was the founder of DannysHouse, Inc., a not for profit (501c3) organization whose mission was to advocate for more services for teen and adult individuals with autism. Since it wasn’t possible to be the founder of a not for profit and the president of a for profit business at the same time, it became necessary to close DannysHouse in the fall of 2007 when Loretta created her doll program. Our autism awareness work remained a primary focus as we expanded into the doll business; “launching” My Sibling® dolls in the fall of 2007 and My Pal® dolls in the fall of 2009. In the summer of 2011 we introduced our new line of My Pal® plush toys.

About My Pal® dolls (short summaries of some of the themes)

LorettaRose, LLC created the My Pal series to try to reach more families with our our mission. My Pals are 18″ boy dolls, girl dolls and plush toys, each of which has a socially relevant purpose or cause to promote.

My Pal for Going Green is an 18″ boy doll, girl doll or plush toy with a message for going green in a fun and child-freindly way. In the booklet (made in USA) that comes with the boy doll, girl doll or plush toy, they can write about the activities they have participated in for Going Green! We print our booklets on 100% recycled paper. My Pal for Going Green dolls are dressed in outfits made in the USA from adult clothing that is cut up and re-sewn into doll clothes, another aspect of our My Sibling/My Pal Work Experience Program™.

My Pal the Patriot is a buddy for children who know someone who is serving or has served our country, especially in the armed services, or for children who are just plain interested in patriotism. This 18″ boy doll, girl doll or plush toy can be a comfort to a child who may be missing a loved one who is away on active duty. In the booklet (made in USA) included, children can write their own story about their favorite patriot. This activity can be helpful by giving children the opportunity to put their feelings down in words. There are also two pages with lyrics to American patriotic songs, such as “The Star Spangled Banner.”

My Pal for Tennis was originally designed for the owner of What a Racquet , our local tennis store, in Caldwell, NJ. These 18″ boy dolls, girl dolls and plush toys come with booklets (made in USA) in which children can write about their love for tennis, their experiences with playing tennis, or watching their favorite player. Information is also provided about some famous players, and the four major “grand slam” tournaments. Please note: a small tennis racquet is included as an accessory for display only, it is not to be played with. Our boy dolls, girl dolls and plush toys are dressed and accessorized by teens and adults with disabilities who participate in the My Sibling/My Pal Work Experience Program™.

My Pal for Autism Awareness is a companion to children who want to learn about or advocate for individuals who have autism. In our booklets (made in USA) that come with each 18″ boy doll, girl doll or plush toy, children can read about how the autism awareness advocacy movement began, and the personal story of how Loretta Boronat, the creator of My Pal and My Sibling, got involved in reaching out to the public in this way. A brief factual description of autism is provided, as well as references for further reading (children’s books) and research. Suggestions for autism awareness activities for children to initiate or participate in are provided. Our booklets also give space for children to write their own story about their experiences with autism awareness activities, or about someone they know who has autism.

My Pal for First Eucharist was the first My Pal doll! In our booklets (made in USA) that come with each 18″ boy doll, girl doll or plush toy, children can write a story about their First Eucharist sacrament and all the experiences which made the day so special. Hopefully the 18″ boy or girl My Pal for First Eucharist doll or plush toy will be preserved as a keepsake for many years to come. Looking back when they are grown, children will treasure the story they wrote, because it will help them to remember all the blessings of the occasion. Our booklets also provide two pages of prayers that children usually learn when they are of age to make their First Eucharist.

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