Also known as: 
KidsGive, LLC
Still in Business?: 
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Phone: 877-543-7448
Sales channels: 
Direct to customer - website
About the company: 

Karito Kids co-founders Laura Rangel and Lisa Steen Proctor pose in front of the QVC sign

From the Karito Kids backgrounder:

Lisa Steen Proctor and Laura Rangel are the entrepreneurial team behind KidsGive, and the
creators of the Karito Kids.  Already friends, these talented individuals combined their set of
business skills, entrepreneurial drive and creativity to take their idea from drawing board to
store shelf, and worked diligently to make their dream a reality.

Lisa is an attorney by trade, but also a mother of two young children. Living comfortably in a
beautiful suburb of Los Angeles, she began to wonder how to best expose her children to the
realities of other children who are less fortunate in the U.S. and around the globe.
Laura was a successful marketer and entrepreneur looking for a new challenge; a venture with
a sound, socially responsible business model, which would help her to make a difference to
the world.

In 2005, Lisa and Laura agreed to partner together and started KidsGive, a socially responsible
for-profit company.  The aim was to develop a product that directly links the child into the
actual process of giving to, and understanding the development of, children’s humanitarian projects around the world. They determined the first product would be play dolls that
represent modern-day 11-year-old girls from various countries.

Lisa and Laura chose the brand name Karito Kids, taken from the constructed language,
Esperanto (which was formed to foster peace and international understanding), the definition
behind Karito is charity and love of one’s neighbor.

Laura drew on her experience in marketing and branding, and Lisa provided professional
insight as an attorney. With $10,000 each, the women started their search for talented experts
in the disciplines needed to make their dream a reality.

The company website is still up as of early 2013 but the on-line store closed in 2011 and no new products were produced after 2010.

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