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319-9, YangJae-Dong
137-896 SeoCho-Gu,
South Korea
Phone: 82-70-7730-7439
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Direct to customer - website
About the company: 

[IPLE] is from the sound of word "with a leaf" in Korean.
IPLE keeps the original sound and meaning of the Korean word.

The leaves and nuts of a more than thousand-year-old gingko tree are used as medicines for rejuvenating human body, and the trunk of a tree is mainly used for making high-quality furniture.

Like a gingko tree, IPLE HOUSE wishes to become a long-lasting merchandise provider and services offerer in customers' need.

prepared online service since the beginning of 2003 and finally launched an online shopping mall the same year in winter.

IPLE HOUSE started providing joint dolls' accessories such as furniture, house and decorative items etc at the beginning. In 2004, IPLE HOUSE expanded the service and become a one-stop on-line marketplace.

IPLE HOUSE's mission is to provide integrated on-line shopping service for joint-dolls from small accessories to a house and offer full-service at one spot.

IPLE HOUSE will constantly challenge itself to improve the service and make an effort to give you the best satisfaction.

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