Daughters of History

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Daughters of History Ltd.
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Daughters of History Limited
207 Regent Street 3rd Floor
W1B 3HH London ,
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7060 6151
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Daughters of History is the creative and production team behind the A Girl For All Time® series of dolls, books, and keepsakes designed for the discerning girl aged 8-12.  The team is made up of Frances Cain, Sandra Goldbacher, Pete Salmi, and Katya Wildman.

These beautifully crafted, luxuriously dressed historical dolls fill the niche between collectable dolls and play dolls. Each doll features in a series of novels set in different eras of the most exciting times in English history while the keepsake books bring her world to life with themed activities and adventures.

Dolls, novels and keepsakes come together to create an experience that children can immerse themselves within. The stories, set in the most perilous, exciting and glamorous periods in history revolve around young girls on the brink of womanhood and reflect the readers’ own concerns with friendship, crises, growing up and fitting in. Through the beautiful historical fashion dolls and their keepsake accessories we provide the means for girls to bring these worlds to life in front of their eyes.


Research about girls and how they play generally comes to the same conclusion: girls  are social beings and thrive on social play. Walk into any school playground and you will see lovely little knots of girls, arms intertwined, plaiting each other’s hair, whispering secrets, being best friends.

I was inspired to create A Girl for All Time® so that I could give girls a world where they can still be girls but in a more "grown-up" way. Here they can enjoy fabulous fashions, creative games and stories, ask questions about friendships, make favourite recipes, or even create their own family tree – with friends, with family, or on their own.

With our dolls, novels and books we encourage girls to engage in imaginative play that allows them to explore their world and express their innermost thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, likes and dislikes.

Healthy, age-appropriate, expressive play combined with beautifully crafted dolls, novels and Keepsake books which bring history to life is for your own Girl for All Time to discover and love forever.

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