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Founded by Helen Schofield in 2007, Australian Girl® dolls were launched on the market in 2008.  Helen was frustrated when she went searching for this style of doll for her own grand daughters.  They were only available at high prices in boutique doll stores and none were 'Australian'.

The doll's creator enlisted the assistance of group of girls to brainstorm and come up with some ideas for possible names and character traits for the dolls.  Initially there were 4 dolls, Amy, Jasmine, Belle and Emily who were joined a year later by Matilda. Matilda was launched as a limited edition doll.  There were only 1000 1st edition Matildas made. Matilda was nominated for the Australian Toy Association's Toy of the Year (Australian design category) in 2009.

The dolls are premium high quality and since appearing on the market in Australia other brands have appeared in chain stores as the popularity of bigger dolls has increased in Australia thanks it could be said, to Australian Girl rejuvenating interest. 

Matilda continued to be made but her presentation outfit was modified.  Belle was later changed to Annabelle but was still known in the Australian Girl story books by the nickname of Belle.

The Australian Girl dolls all have uniquely designed feet to enable them to wear the quintessential Aussie footwear - thongs (flip flops). Australian Girl dolls have a partial soft torso with an attractive breast plate, body highlighting and are beautifully wigged with Kankelon fibre hair.  They are just under 50cm (20") tall.  Some clothing is interchangeable with popular wide body 18" doll clothing.

The dolls were designed by enlarge to depict the ethnicities of the Australian community.  Each of the dolls has a written genealogy for reference by Australian Girl writers.  The doll characters have mixed heritages as does a large proportion of the Australian population.  For instance Amy is the doll character with an indigenous heritage and depicts many of the girls who live in urban Australia.  She has a grandmother and great grand mother of Aboriginal decent, and past generations in her family include Dutch, Indian and Fijian.  The dolls are portrayed as living in the here and now and reflect normality, healthy attitudes. aspirations and lifestyles back to young girls.

Amy was first dressed in a sports outfit, and was redressed in a pink party dress in 2011.

Matilda was first dressed in a denim jumper outfit, and was redressed in a denim skirt outfit in 2012.

Australian Girl responds to feedback from customers.  An example of this was the change in Emily's boots which were more in the hiking style whereas now they are more in the country/farm style because Emily lives in the outback on a station (a huge ranch).

Australian Girl runs competitions from time to time that are announced on the Australian Girl Doll Facebook site. 

Australian Girl's first adventure novel, "The Rainbow Necklace", was independently published by Wombat Books in April 2011.  It's an exciting, fast paced, story of the 5 girls (the doll characters) set in outback Australia. Two more adventure novels published by Wombat were released. They are "Amy and the Wilpena Flood" and "Annabelle and the Missing Turtles".  

Jason Chatfield, renowned Ginger Meggs, cartoonist has been illustrating the doll characters for Australian Girl from the beginning.  The Australian Girl website includes cartoon strips featuring the doll characters.

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