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Custom House
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117-3 ho 2F
Uijeongbu-si , 41
South Korea
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Direct to customer - website
About the company: 

Custom House was established June 7, 2002. It began as a dealer for doll supplies. In November, CH began manufacturing its own wigs. In December, they began producing their own ball jointed dolls. In January 2003, they hosted the first Doll Contest. At the second Doll Contest in April 2003, the Ai were released. In its early years, Custom House was best-known for its 56-60cm Ai line of dolls, and especially for its themed Unique Ai and Limited Ai releases. Some of the Unique Custom House dolls included a group that represented the members of the K-pop band Nell, and a series of Merchen dolls based on fairy-tale characters. These early Unique and Limited dolls featured the work of costume and faceup artists Anu, Rolling Pumpkin, and HeavyBomb. By 2005, Custom House had expanded its doll line with the 30cm Petite Ai--the first childlike Tiny ABJDs on the market--and with the Mini-sized Little Junior and Junior. The Petite Ai have been popular with Japanese BJD collectors, and are often featured in such Japanese doll magazines as Dollybird and Dolly Dolly.

Changes in company personnel in July 2006 led to greater emphasis on the Petite Ai, discontinuation of most of the Basic Ai sculpts, and a redesign of both the Ai Boy and Ai Girl bodies. After a hiatus, Custom House reopened its website and during the next few years the company offered new doll sizes (Classic Ai, Vintage Ai, Ange Ai, Bisou Ai, Bebe Ai), a "club" system of purchasing, and a fully-customized doll option through which buyers could request discontinued heads. By 2008, Custom House began offering frequent sales and ordering events, and customers began experiencing long waiting times for order delivery, all of which continue to the present day. A rumor began that Custom House was now manufacturing its dolls in China, but this wasn't confirmed until 2010.

DollCatch, which opened an online shop in early 2009, was a sister company to Custom House. It merged with the company in 2010.

In December 2010, Custom House announced that it was changing its tradename to Aidolls in order to separate itself from the growing poor reputation associated with the old name. It launched new websites for each language, also adding one for Chinese customers.

(information from Den of Angels Wiki)

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