Doll Companies

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Logo Name Country Founded Year Still in Business? Last Business Yearsort descending External Link
Lammily LLC United States 2014 Yes
Constructive Playthings Yes
FunDeco LLC United States Yes
Queens of Africa No
Bonnie & Pearl United Kingdom 2013 Yes
Corolle France 1979 Yes
World of EPI 2003 Yes
Horsman 1865 Yes
LoreLi, Inc. United States 2000 Yes
Groove Japan 2009 Yes
The Queen's Treasures United States 2008 Yes
Toys R Us United States Yes
my twinn No
Dollshe Craft South Korea 2003 Yes
American Girl United States 1986 Yes
Breezy Point Treasures United States 1998 No
Sigikid Germany 1968 Yes
Paradise Kids United States No
Battat United States 1897 Yes
Zeenie Dollz LLC United States Yes
My LookaLike Dolls, Ltd United Kingdom 2012 Yes
Jakks Pacific United States 1995 Yes
Granado China 2011 Yes
Tonner Toys 2011 Yes
Carpatina United States 2002 Yes
Rothkirch Puppen Germany No
Zwergnase Germany 1994 Yes
Paola Reina Spain 1994 Yes
The Bridge Direct No
Ideal No
The Doll Factory United States 1971 Yes
Meritus No
Ashton-Drake Yes
Engel Puppen Germany 1896 Yes
Seasons Shared United States 2006 Yes
Boy Story LLC 2015 Yes
Fibre-Craft United States 1953 Yes
Tyco 1926 Yes
One World Dolls United States 2011 Yes
The Doll Artworks United States 1991 No
The Brass Key International United States 1993 Yes
Vision Forum United States 1997 Yes
Tonner Doll Company United States 1991 Yes
The Doll Maker United States 1990 Yes
R. John Wright Dolls United States 1976 Yes
creatology No
Berenguer No
Toy Place No
Arranbee No
Hape Toys Germany 1986 Yes
It'zPurple 2011 Yes
With Heart and Soul Germany 2009 Yes
Madame Alexander United States 1923 Yes
Inspire U., LLC No
Avonlea Traditions Canada 1988 Yes
Learning Curve United States 1993 Yes
JC Toys United States 1993 Yes
Dongguan Farvision Crafts Co., Ltd. China 2011 Yes
Ideal doll and toys No
Manhattan Toy 1979 Yes
Mattel United States 1945 Yes
Lotus Onda Hong Kong S.A.R., China 1972 Yes
Jumeau France 1842 No
Eden Toys No
PopStarClub, Inc. United States 2013 Yes
Iplehouse South Korea 2003 Yes
Affordable Designs Canada 2005 Yes
Lati Doll South Korea Yes
Jada Toys, Inc. United States 1999 Yes
Knickerbocker United States No
Maru and Friends, LLC United States 2008 Yes
Hasbro United States 1923 Yes
Precious Moments Company 1985 Yes
Wilde Imagination United States Yes
FairyLand South Korea Yes
Petitcollin France 1860 Yes
Aidolls South Korea 2002 Yes
South African Girl Doll South Africa 2012 Yes
Barnes and Noble No
Starpath Dolls 2013 Yes
Integrity Toys United States 1995 Yes
WowWee 2004 Yes
Pedigree United Kingdom No
Children of America Dolls 2007 Yes
Souldoll South Korea Yes
Arklu United Kingdom 2011 Yes
Götz Germany 1950 Yes
Loretta Rose LLC United States 2007 Yes
Vogue Dolls 1922 Yes
Sew Dolling United States 2003 Yes
Doll in Mind South Korea Yes
S-K Victory United States 2010 Yes
American Fashion World Yes
Girls 'n' Grace United States Yes
Australian Girl Australia 2007 Yes
New Adventures LLC United States 2001 Yes
MGA Entertainment Yes
Gund 1898 Yes
Gali Girls United States 2004 Yes
Kurhn Toys Co., Ltd. China 2004 Yes
Playhut 1992 Yes
Make it Mine LLC United States 2011 Yes
My Muse, LLC 2015 Yes
My Salon Doll United States Yes
Harmony Club Dolls United States 2012 Yes
Charisma United States 1985 Yes
Kingstate United States No
Playmates Toys United States 1966 Yes
Justice No
Ertl Collectibles 1945 Yes
Medieval Maidens United States 2006 Yes
Spin Master LTD Canada 1994 Yes
Paradise Galleries United States 1992 Yes
Adora United States 2000 Yes
KidKraft United States 1968 Yes
Heidi Ott Switzerland No
Foundations for Girls 2005 No
Mezco Toys 1999 Yes
Starshine Dolls United States 1992 No
Doll Artworks No
Daughters of History United Kingdom 2011 Yes
Kish & Company United States 1991 Yes
Georgetown Collection United States 1987 No
The Walt Disney Company No
Zapf Germany 1932 Yes
The American Doll Room Company, LLC United States 2011 Yes
World Doll, Inc. United States No
Willowbrook Girls, Inc. United States 2016 Yes
Martha Pullen United States 1981 Yes
Molecule8 Ltd. United States 2015 Yes
Bandai America Incorporated United States 1978 Yes
CitiToy Hong Kong S.A.R., China 1979 Yes
Berdine Creedy Originals United States Yes
Avon United States 1886 Yes
Trendon No
Just Kidz Yes
My London Girl Ltd. No
Re-Ment Japan 1998 Yes
Kenner No
Käthe Kruse Germany 1911 Yes
Prodigyrls LLC United States 2009 No
Lee Middleton Dolls United States 1978 Yes
Secrist United States No
JUN Planning Japan Yes
American Character United States 1919 No 1968
Toy Biz 1980 No 1996
Global Friends Collection United States 1996 No 1999
Just Pretend United States 1995 No 2001
Lenci Italy 1919 No 2001
Effanbee United States No 2002
Marian United States 2001 No 2004
Jesmar Spain 1946 No 2005
Artsy Canada 1999 No 2005
MCA Creations United Kingdom 2005 No 2008
Oren Village United States 2004 No 2008
Tawny Nix Original Designs United States 1998 No 2008
White Balloon Spain 1993 No 2009
Annette Himstedt Germany 1986 No 2009
West Coast Kids United States 2005 No 2009
Mission City Press United States 2003 No 2010
KidsGive United States 2006 No 2012
Goodreau Dolls United States 2006 No 2013
Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls United States 1937 No 2014
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