These are doll-related characters that have been created by various doll companies or writers through the years, or that may even be based on real people. Doll company characters, like Addy from American Girl, often have books or movies made about them and have many products that bring the character's world to life. Other characters, like Cinderella or Madeline, were not created to be dolls but have had dolls created for them by many manufacturers over the years.

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Character Name Brand Fictional? Story Year Fromsort descending Main Character
Zoe (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Chiffon Cutie Pops Yes
ki Yes
Hallie Hopscotch Hill School Yes
Starr Starr Model Agency Yes
Ida Moxie Girlz Yes
Alejandra (OG) Yes
Magenta Cutie Pops Yes
Harry Potter Harry Potter Character Figure Collection Yes
Violet Travilla A Life of Faith Yes 1877
Faybelle Thorn Ever After High Yes
Bailey Girls & Co Yes
Grape Ice Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Zoe My London Girl Yes
Lexa Moxie Girlz Yes
Emily from America Global Friends Yes
Kelsey (JG) Journey Girls Yes
Summer Gordon Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Lemon Meringue Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Amanita Nightshade Monster High Yes
Little Red Riding Hood Wee Patsy, McDonald's® Happy Meal® featuring Madame Alexander Storyland Dolls, Marley Wentworth, Effanbee Classics Yes
Cameron Bratz Yes
Naama Yoga Teacher Yes
Gilda Goldstag Monster High Yes
Agnes and Agatha Pitt Yes 1904 Samantha Parkington
Raya Bratz Yes
Gavin Dynamite Girls Yes
Meygana Broomstix Bratzillaz Yes
Chrissa Maxwell Girl of the Year Yes 2009 Sonali, Gwen
Samm - modern girl Yes
Skelita Calaveras Monster High Yes
Lark The Beatrix Girls Yes
Madison (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Carmel Cutie Pops Yes
Frankie Stein Yes
Romain Perrin Fashion Royalty Yes
Skylar Hopscotch Hill School Yes
Misty Starr Model Agency Yes
Bryten Moxie Girlz Yes
Tangerine Cutie Pops Yes
Ron Weasley Harry Potter Character Figure Collection Yes Harry Potter
Kitty Cheshire Ever After High Yes
Mackenzie Girls & Co Yes
Rose Petal Rose Petal Place Yes
Bella My London Girl Yes
Bria Moxie Girlz Yes
Dana (JG) Journey Girls Yes
Nikki Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Lanie Holland Girl of the Year Yes 2010
Lime Chiffon Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Astranova Monster High Yes
Crissy Crissy and Friends Yes
Dylan Bratz Yes
Emily Bennett BeForever, Mini Dolls Yes 1944 Molly McIntire
Lulie plays Ann Estelle at my house Yes
Invisi Billy Monster High Yes
Eddie Ryland Yes 1904 Samantha Parkington
Mal Descendants Yes
Dani Dynamite Girls Yes
Kara Rose (JG) Journey Girls Yes
Sashabella Paws Bratzillaz Yes
Kyori Sato Fashion Royalty Yes
Neve Yes
Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch Monster High Yes
Ainsley The Beatrix Girls Yes
Sommer (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Starr Cutie Pops Yes
Lagoona Blue Yes
Dru / Drew Betsy McCall™ Collection Yes Betsy McCall
Logan Hopscotch Hill School Yes
Amber Starr Model Agency Yes
Sarai Moxie Girlz Yes
Crystalina Cutie Pops Yes
Hermione Granger Harry Potter Character Figure Collection Yes Harry Potter
Julia (PD) Precious Day Yes
Rosabella Beauty Ever After High Yes
Maya Girls & Co Yes
Sunny Sunflower Rose Petal Place Yes
Yasmin My London Girl Yes
Merin Moxie Girlz Yes
Clio from France Global Friends Yes
Callie (JG) Journey Girls Yes
Raquelle Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Deuce Gorgon Monster High Yes
Blueberry Muffin Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Avea Trotter Monster High Yes
Sindy Sindy Yes
Dana Bratz Yes
Nora Elphaba represents me! Yes
Elissabat Monster High Yes
Evie Descendants Yes
Reese Dynamite Girls Yes
Jade J'Adore Bratzillaz Yes
Isha Fashion Royalty Yes Veronique Perrin, Baroness Agnes Von Weiss
Auden Dynamite Girls Yes
Spectra Vondergeist Monster High Yes
Brayden The Beatrix Girls Yes
Jacquie (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Summer Cutie Pops Yes
Linda McCall Betsy McCall™ Collection Yes Betsy McCall, Sandy McCall


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