These are doll-related characters that have been created by various doll companies or writers through the years, or that may even be based on real people. Doll company characters, like Addy from American Girl, often have books or movies made about them and have many products that bring the character's world to life. Other characters, like Cinderella or Madeline, were not created to be dolls but have had dolls created for them by many manufacturers over the years.

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Character Namesort descending Brand Fictional? Story Year From Main Character
Aaron Yes
Abbey Bominable Monster High Yes
Abigail (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Ada Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Adam Fantasy Adventures Yes Carter
Addy Walker Historical Characters, Mini Dolls Yes 1864
Philadelphia, PA
United States
Adelaide (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Adele Makeda Fashion Royalty Yes Veronique Perrin, Baroness Agnes Von Weiss
Adrienne Attoms Project MC2 Yes
Agnes and Agatha Pitt Yes 1904 Samantha Parkington
Agnes Dreary Effanbee Classics Yes
Aidan of Oren Oren Village ~ Collector's Series, Oren Village ~ Travel Dolls Yes
Ainsley The Beatrix Girls Yes
Aisha Winx Club Yes
Akua from Kenya Global Friends Yes
Alana (JG) Journey Girls Yes
Alejandra (OG) Yes
Alexi Maplelea Girls Yes
Toronto, ON
Alexie Prettie Girls Yes
Alice in Wonderland McDonald's® Happy Meal® featuring Madame Alexander Storyland Dolls, Storybook Dolls (Hard Plastic/Sleepy Eyes), Wee Patsy, Effanbee Classics Yes 1865
Alicia (PD) Precious Day Yes
Alie Lectric Novi Stars Yes
United States
Alison Magic Attic Club Yes
Alissa, Princess of Arcadia Stardust Classics Yes
Alistair Wonderland Ever After High Yes
Allie (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Almond Tea Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Amanita Nightshade Monster High Yes
Amber Ellowyne Wilde Yes
Amber Starr Model Agency Yes
Amber (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Amberly Moxie Girlz Yes
Amelia Elliot A Girl for All Time Yes 1880
London, LND
United Kingdom
Matilda Marchmont
Amira Turay Yes
Amy Australian Girl Yes
Amy My London Girl Yes
Ana Ming Fantasy Adventures Yes
Ana Rubin Yes 1914
New York, NY
United States
Rebecca Rubin
Ana Rubin Yes 1914
New York, NY
United States
Rebecca Rubin
Ana Rubin Yes 1914
New York, NY
United States
Rebecca Rubin
Ana Rubin Yes 1914
New York, NY
United States
Rebecca Rubin
Ana Rubin Yes 1914
New York, NY
United States
Rebecca Rubin
Angel Cake Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends Yes
Angelica Sound Bratzillaz Yes
Anjali Girls & Co Yes
Ann Estelle Mary Engelbreit® Collection Yes
Anna Larson Yes 1854
United States
Kirsten Larson
Anne Shirley Maplelea Girls Yes 1878
Avonlea, PE
Apple Amy Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Apple Dumplin' Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends Yes
Apple White Ever After High Yes
Apricot Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
April Ginger Brook Hollow Yes 1896
Aragorn Yes
Ari Roma Novi Stars Yes
United States
Aria Dynamite Girls Yes
Arizona Moxie Teenz Yes
Arwen Yes
Ashley (PD) Precious Day Yes
Ashlyn Wellie Wishers Yes
Ashlynn Ella Ever After High Yes
Astranova Monster High Yes
Auden Dynamite Girls Yes
Audrey Descendants Yes
Avea Trotter Monster High Yes
Avery Moxie Girlz Yes
Avery (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Azeezah Queens of Africa No
Aziza from Egypt Global Friends Yes
Bailey Girls & Co Yes
Banancy Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Barbara Betsy McCall™ Collection Yes Betsy McCall, Linda McCall, Sandy McCall
Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts Barbie Yes
Baroness Agnes Von Weiss Fashion Royalty Yes
Batsy Claro Monster High Yes
Becky Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Bella My London Girl Yes
Belle Australian Girl Yes
Ben Descendants Yes
Benjamin Davidson Yes 1774
Williamsburg, VA
United States
Felicity Merriman
Beth Faithful Friends Yes 1896
oakdale, IL
United States
Betsy McCall Betsy McCall™ Collection, Robert Tonner Collectibles Yes 1951
Betty Berry Yes
Bianca Cutie Pops Yes
Bijou Moxie Teenz Yes
Blaire Wilson Girl of the Year Yes 2019
Blondie Lockes Ever After High Yes
Bloom Winx Club Yes
Blueberry Muffin Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Bonita Femur Monster High Yes
Brayden The Beatrix Girls Yes
Bria Moxie Girlz Yes
Briana from America Global Friends Yes
Brianne Maplelea Girls Yes
Briar Beauty Ever After High Yes
Brooklyn (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Bryant My Scene Yes
Bryden Bandweth Project MC2 Yes
Bryten Moxie Girlz Yes
Bubblegum Becky Cherry Merry Muffin Yes


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