Pierre Devries

Story set in a real location?: 

Born in the South of France, Pierre DeVries had a most promising future all traced out for him. Old money, young aristocrat and son of Jacques DeVries, viscount and owner of one of Europe’s largest wineries – all Pierre would have had to do is stay on track, and the world would have belonged to him one day. But little Pierre has aspirations of his own. Although very athletic, Pierre was never into the typical “rich jock” ego trip most of the other boys in his school with had fallen into. Pierre was far more interested in his art books, photography equipment, and art lectures. This led him to become an outcast of his own; but because of his physical attributes, no bully in school dared take a shot at him because they knew he could far surpass them at any physical competition if he wanted to. Pierre’s father, however, wasn’t impressed with the way his son kept busy in his down time and would have much preferred to see him hanging out with the boys and causing the usual mischief good society teenage boys usually get themselves into.

Thinking he was doing a good thing for his son, DeVries Senior decided to send Pierre to a boys-only boarding school near Paris that had a reputation for being very severe and almost militaristic. Little did he know that the roommate the school would assign to stay with their son would have such an undeniable influence on Pierre’s life. Francisco Leon was a young troubled teen from Madrid who had nothing else in mind than fashion and partying. After Leon purposely ignored DeVries and his geeky ways for a few weeks, things started changing as they started spending more and more time together. For some reason, even with the fact that they didn’t speak each other’s language and had to converse in very bad French in order to understand each other, a “brother’s-in-arm” type of friendship soon took off. The two ended up helping each other in ways that no one expected. Some of Leon’s fashion sense rubbed off on DeVries, who had never paid much attention to the way he dressed before… and Pierre taught Francisco that a sound mind resided in a sound body, forcing an exercise routine on him that soon led the two boys to become ultra-buff and the envy of everyone present anywhere they went – girls and boys included. Everyone envied their friendship; and, through Pierre’s tutoring, Francisco managed to calm down a little and stay focused on his studies. But Pierre DeVries’s friendship with Francisco soon became an obsession, and his constant intervention drove Francisco away from him after a rather explosive fight in a bar one night.

Pursuing his majors in art and photography at another school on the other side of town to escape his former friend and set his life on track again, Pierre soon graduated with high honors; and various talent scouts quickly noticed some of his work across the city. Quickly becoming the talk of the town, Pierre sparked the interest of a childhood friend:  Monaco heiress and powerful W Cosmetic CEO Véronique Perrin, who invited him on board as her official photographer and publicity art director. This association made Pierre’s talents even more desirable to other companies, and job offers quickly started pouring in, sometimes for more money than Perrin was paying him.  But again, his sense of loyalty would kick in, and his devotion to Véronique soon sparked a fling that is still unresolved to this day.

Much to his surprise, Pierre was reunited with college chum Francisco Leon the night he was supposed to be covering young Vanessa Perrin’s first modeling assignment in a downtown Paris club. Not knowing Francisco owned the place and having heard rather unsavory rumors about the club, Pierre had volunteered to act as chaperon, which turned out to be one his best decisions yet. When a rather disgraceful catfight broke out between then Missima owner Natalia Fatale and top Model Vanessa Perrin over some trivial comment, the boys rushed on the scene and were a bit shocked to be reunited this way. Laughing their heads off at Fatale and Perrin, the two met later to reminisce and consequently rekindled their friendship.

Since then their friendship has escalated, much to the despair of Véronique Perrin, who thought she had something going on with Pierre and is still very hopeful that one day she will be the one to steal his heart. Pierre remains close to Véronique, but he is back at his old habits trying to keep Francisco out of trouble.

Current Status: Pierre is currently rumored to be on a photo safari in Africa.
Best Friend: Véronique Perrin (but really Francisco Leon)
Foe: Natalia Fatalé (He thinks she is ridiculous.)
Love Interest: Wants to keep that one private; “career first,” he tells everyone.
Mentor and Personal Guide: Véronique's mother, Jerrica Perrin
Loves: Truth and beauty
Hates: Liars and deception

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