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Keisha Vance

Birthday: May 20

Favorite Color: purple

Sister: Ashley 6 (attends kindergarten)

Brother: Ronnie 2 (attends Day Care)

Her family is African-American. Her father, Benjamin, is a hospital administrator and her mother is a nurse. Keisha is very enthusiastic and puts her heart into everything she does. Her interests include cheerleading, photography and singing in her church choir. She also enjoys volunteering at a local nursing home. Keisha loves her younger brother and sister but isn't always thrilled to babysit after school while her parents are still at work. Her parents often remind Keisha of how proud they are of her. Her dad calls her "pumpkin" and her mother is teaching her all about African customs and foods. Keisha hope that she will be able to travel to Africa one day with her family. Keisha is a very good student and is already considering several possible future careers: becoming a doctor, nurse, paramedic, veterinarian or even a teacher.

From the Magic Attic Club website: "It was incredible to open the trunk for the first time. I'd never seen so many beautiful clothes to dress up in! Every time we go back there's something new to check out. I tried to get Ellie to explain it all, but she just told us "the real magic is in you!" Everybody says I'm pretty enthusiastic. It's true I have a lot of energy, and sometimes I even get carried away. But I can be serious too, serious about having fun! I'm trying to put my heart into everything I do-gymnastics, the church choir, volunteering at the nursing home. But I most like taking pictures of people-especially in funny poses! I'm not always that thrilled about babysitting for my younger brother and sister. But I know my Mom and Dad are proud of me. Dad calls me "Pumpkin," and my Mom's been teaching me all about African customs and foods. One look at my bedroom and you'll know I love purple. The polka-dots on my t-shirt match my quilt. We even made purple an official club color!"

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