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Amber Fields

If a girl could be a Tom Boy back in the Victorian time period, Johannah is as close as she can get. She often wishes she could wear pants. Johannah is a twin sister to Suzannah, and out of the two she is the one who keeps things lively. She is energetic and impulsive and often acts before she thinks. Her passion is anything that has to do with horses. She hopes some day to have a horse of her own. In fact, she has a horse shoe tacked to the back of her bed head for good luck. It has been there for a long time and it’s a wonder Miss Gretchen still doesn’t know. Maybe it works, because she somehow manages to stay out of trouble most of the time even when she takes chances. Her pony tails, smile, and freckles make it hard to take life too seriously when you are with Johannah.

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