Jane de Lacey

Story set in a real location?: 
United Kingdom

Jane de Lacey and the Voice in the Tower!
Come and play with Jane, a nine year old girl living in Elizabethan England! The Jane doll is the picture down the right side of the page.

When Jane’s father is summoned to Hengrave Hall to meet Queen Elizabeth the First, Jane goes with him. Hengrave Hall is a huge house, with many corridors, which Jane loves exploring. And then she finds a door to a part of the house she’s never seen before, guarded by an armed man. Behind the door there are prison cells. She hears a boy calling out, He has been wrongfully put in prison. Can Jane help him? Join Jane, and find out. But be sure not to miss your feast with Queen Elizabeth!

Crime and punishment
In Elizabethan England, crime was severely punished. Stealing anything worth more than one shilling (five pence today) could result in the thief being sentenced to death, or being sent abroad to work as a slave in one of the newly established colonies! For less serious crimes, you might end up locked in the stocks, where passers by could throw rotten fruit and vegetables at you. It’s no wonder that Jane was anxious to help her new friend prove that he was innocent.

Queen Elizabeth the First
Elizabeth lived to be 70 years old, and reigned in England for 45 years, until 1603. Under Elizabeth England saw many voyages of discovery, by daring sailors like Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh. These expeditions helped make Britain powerful around the world. Elizabeth’s reign was an booming time too for the arts. Important country houses were built, theatres thrived – Elizabeth saw the first performance of William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' – and famous composers wrote music for the Court and the Church that is still played and sung today.

But Jane had enjoyed every minute of it. All of the bustle and commotion and excitement had left her giddy with nerves.



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