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Heather Hardin

Birthday: August 5

Favorite color: pink

Heather is the youngest of two sisters.

Sister: Jenna 13 (attends jr. high)

Her family is Jewish. Her father's side of the family is descended from the  "Sephardim" (Spanish Jews who settled in Granada, Spain.) Her paternal grandmother is the family historian who teaches Heather about her Jewish heritage when she visits. Heather also attends Hebrew School. Her father is a pilot and her mother, Sarah, is an artist. Heather is very outgoing and sensitive to the feelings of others. Since her family has transferred often, due to her father's job, Heather has always been the "new girl" and often felt left out, so she cherishes the friendships she's made through "The Magic Attic Club". She's always planning fun activities such as parties, sleepovers and special holiday celebrations to enjoy with her friends. Her interests include drawing, painting, fashion and ballet. She wants to be either a fashion designer or ballerina when she grows up.

From the Magic Attic Club website: "Maybe it was just luck that I found the gold key in the snow outside Ellie's old house. We had no idea what the key would unlock. After our adventure, everyone loved my suggestion to call ourselves the Magic Attic Club-the attic is magic, and we're going to be best friends forever!
My friends are more important to me than anything else. Maybe it's because my family has moved so often and I've always been the "new kid." With the Magic Attic Club, I'll never feel left out again.
I'm always planning parties and fun for the Club-after school meetings, sleepovers, even special holiday celebrations, like the time I shared my menorah with the other girls.
Art is my favorite subject in school. I also love my dance class. I want to be a ballerina or maybe a fashion designer. I bet you can tell pink is my favorite color. Do you like my fancy knapsack and fun hat? I made the hat with my Mom. She's the greatest!"

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