Story set in a real location?: 

Nickname: Ally

Birthday: Feb 2

Favorite color: blue

Pets: has a dog named "Duke" and a cat named "Matilda"

Alison is the only girl in her family and the second of four children.

Brothers: Mark 13 (whom she considers "A Big Jerk") and twins - Jason and Steven, age 7.

Her father works for a real estate company and her mother runs a catering business. A natural born athlete and tomboy, Alison loves all sports, especially softball, basketball and soccer, and usually is picked first whenever sides are chosen. She also happens to be the captain of her soccer team and was elected president of her fifth grade class. There isn't much Alison is afraid of as she'll take dares even her brothers won't do. Alison once spoke to the P.T.A. group about bringing a live circus to Lincoln Elementary School. She does well in school but struggles with the learning disability dyslexia, and receives additional help from her private tutor, Mrs. Haggerty, on a weekly basis. Although usually on the go, Alison occasionally enjoys dressing up and helping her mother bake.

From the Magic Attic Club website: "I nearly knocked Megan over on my way up the old attic stairs, I was so excited to see what was up there. Ellie said that we'd find an "adventure." What did she mean by that? When I reached the doorway I couldn't believe what I saw. 

Everyone's always yelling at me to slow down. I like to go faster and there isn't much that I'm afraid of. I take dares that even my brothers won't do.

I love playing all kinds of sports--softball, soccer, basketball --and I guess I'm pretty good at them. I've heard grown-ups call me a "tomboy," but I don't care. My Magic Attic Club friends know that I like dressing up sometime, too. My jeans with the matching jacket are my favorite things to wear. Of course, I wear sneakers, too. When I'm playing sports, I either wear a baseball cap or I pull my hair back into a ponytail. Then I throw on my back-pack and go!"

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