Starshine mold

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The chubby cheeks mold.

Little Raven Creations states:

Another very visible Gotz face sculpt is known as the Starshine sculpt, though this is probably not its original name. It was given that title due to the Native American Starshine dolls who used the mold in the early 1990s. The "Starshine" mold is actually a much older vintage sculpt originally used on some of the early Gotz play dolls from the 1980s. It was also selected to be the face of "Rebecca," friend of the AG Prototype doll "Romina" in 1985, before Romina had been bought by the Pleasant Company. Martha Pullen's Friends also made use of this face mold during the early 2000s, followed by the Gotz Precious Day doll line in 2004, though there may have been a slight adjustment in the eye shape of the later molds. From about the mid 2000s to the present day, Pottery Barn Kids has used the face mold for their own popular line of play dolls including some of their limited editions. It is probably the most currently recognizable Gotz doll face next to the original "American Girl" which is fitting, as these two sculpts began their journey together many years as "Romina and Rebecca." The neck on this sculpt usually just reads "Gotz Puppe," although some early Starshine dolls may carry the number "12/16."

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