Götz 90

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Note: second image is from Nonna's blog. First image is from Little Raven Creations blog.

from Little Raven Creations:

I'm not aware if this charming little face actually has a name, but like her Gotz peers, she has resurfaced a few times since her inception. The neck on this sculpt is marked "Gotz 90," which indicates the year it was created. Interestingly, in the 1990 Gotz catalog, this sculpt does appear on several dolls, one of whom named "Pamela." Since this was possibly one of the first appearances of this sculpt, I will refer to it here as "Pamela." 

...it was utilized well enough by Gotz as a series of crinoline-dressed brunettes, pig-tailed blondes, or freckled gingers whose individual names may be currently lost to time.  

...It was also used for several ethnic dolls ... including African American doll Maddison and other AA dolls. Vision Forum's "Beautiful Girlhood" doll line ... also used this mold for their AA doll Fidelia.

...In 2002, Gotz also used the "Pamela" sculpt for Precious Day's Hispanic doll Alicia. 

This face mold is referred to by Little Raven Creations as "Pamela" or #128/16.

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