Body Types

Measurements are in inches.

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Height Body Typesort descending Mark picture Identifying marks Number of joints Joint type
18.00 in 18" Slim Vinyl Body 5 Strung socket
18.00 in 18" Tender Heart Girls body Armature
18.00 in 18" Tolly Tots body 5 Strung socket
18.50 in 18" West Coast Kids body 5 Strung socket
19.00 in 19" Penny "Penny" in small letters on inside of limbs 5 Flange/Captured joint
19.50 in 19.5" Götz Multi Jointed Doll 9 Strung socket
19.50 in 19.5" Sarah body 5 Strung socket
20.00 in 20" Maru and Friends Dianna Effner on back 5 Strung socket
24.00 in 24" Cloudland body Gusset (fabric) joint
5.00 in 5" Ai Doll 13 Ball joint
6.00 in 6" Our Generation (and Lori) Minis 5
6.50 in 6.5" All Vinyl Mini AG Body 5
8.00 in 8" Betsy body 7 Strung socket
8.00 in 8" Ginger Brook Hollow Dream Dolls 5 Strung socket
17.00 in A Girl for All Time Body Daughters of History, Made in China (w/ Pear logo) 9 Strung socket
18.00 in A Life of Faith 5 Strung socket
6.00 in Cat Body Ball joint
29.00 in DS28M 32 Ball joint
27.80 in EID Model Body Ball joint
27.50 in EID Superhero Body Ball joint
25.60 in EID Woman Body Ball joint
16.00 in Ellowyne
18.00 in Farvision Girl - FC Farvision Girl 5 Strung socket
18.00 in Farvision Girl - FV Farvision Girl 5 Flange/Captured joint
18.00 in Farvision Girl - HC Farvision Girl 5 Strung socket
19.00 in Friends Forever Girls Body 5 Strung socket
18.70 in Happy New Boy Body Version 1 Ball joint
16.50 in Happy New Boy Body Version 2 Ball joint
17.00 in Happy New Girl Body Ball joint
17.30 in Happy Old Girl Body Ball joint


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