18" Prodigyrls

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Upper arms: 
Lower arms: 
Upper torso: 
Lower torso: 
Upper legs: 
Lower legs: 
Stuffing material: 
Joint type: 
Strung socket
Number of joints: 

The Prodigyrls body is low to medium quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Unlike the high quality and nicely styled rooted hair and nice quality inset eyes (not to mention exceptionally gorgeous face sculpt), the body itself is just OK. It is under stuffed, which does make them quite huggable for their target age range (5-8), but the joints are loose so they don't hold a pose well. The legs are better than the arms, so you can get her to stand if you try, but the arms slide back down when raised.

The body is smaller (including a little shorter) than American Girl and the waist size makes Prodigyrls compatible with Journey Girl doll clothes, such as the Brown Vest JG outfit shown above, as well as clothes for 18" all-vinyl slim dolls like Carpatina. Most American Girl clothes would be much too big for them. The feet are quite small and narrow, but the Journey Girls shoes fit well.

There are no extra outfits or accessories made by the company, but with Journey Girls at every Toys 'R Us and the huge amount of 18" doll stuff on the market, they would be easy to build a wardrobe for an to accessorize.

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