Willow's Way

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From the original website (no longer on-line):
...would love for you to meet “Willow”, along with her friends, “Poppy” and “Holly”. We invite you to spend a little time with our young playmates from WILLOW’S WAY!

Imagine, if you will, a small mid-western town, quiet and peaceful.  On the south edge of town there’s a street called Willow’s Way.  This street was named for Dr. J.D. Willow, a beloved family practitioner and  philanthropist and ….Willow’s Great-Grandfather.

Willow, Poppy and Holly are very best friends and playmates.  They are all of 7 years old and in 2nd grade at Valley Hill Elementary School.

The girls’ world is a world of sweetness and innocence, a world of dolls and teddy bears, hopscotch, ice cream cones, tea parties, “once upon a time” and picnics under the lilac bushes.

WILLOW…is a tomboy at heart, with the antics of a monkey, skinned knees with band-aids,
& innocence standing on her head.

POPPY…is of Irish descent, a red head who loves make believe and dancing lessons.  Sometimes her Daddy calls her “sparrow”, ‘cause she flits around like a little bird.

HOLLY…is the quite one, with a certain amount of angel shine about her.  She likes new shoes and party dresses, paper dolls, and coloring books.

We hope you will enjoy these 3 little girls and we are certain that they will take you back to another time and that still, quite place, locked deep in the corner of your heart!

WILLOW, POPPY and HOLLY sculpts, costumes, and wigs were designed by Maryanne Oldenburg.

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