Stardust Classics

About the brand: 

The Stardust Classics dolls are 18.5" dolls with a fantasy theme. The dolls are Laurel the Woodfairy, Alissa, Princess of Arcadia, and Kat the Time Explorer. They all share the same face mold but look distinctive because of varied face paint, eye colors and hairstyles.

The dolls were "sculpted" by Vernon Thornblad, the former Art Director at Just Pretend and Kid Galaxy, using 3D animation on the computer, though he was not acknowledged as the doll artist. (More recently, Mr. Thornblad was responsible for designing the Carpatina Dolls using the same methods.)

The dolls and first softcover book cost $79.95 (or $84.95 with a hardcover) and came dressed in elaborate and detailed dresses. Each doll had an additional three books with accompanying outfits, accessories, and furniture designed to follow the book. The additional costumes available for the dolls were very well done. Some of the harder-to-find outfits, such as Kat's Plum Traveling Suit, now command very high prices on the secondary market. The accessories and furniture were imaginative but often fragile.

Early Laurel and Alissa dolls (before 1999) and all Kat dolls have sleep eyes. Later Laurel and Alissa dolls have fixed eyes like the Dream Doll Designer and Friend to Friend dolls. The early dolls' hair and clothes are also finer quality and they have more delicate face paint. In this picture, the older Laurel is on the left.

The Stardust Classics dolls were sold both direct to the consumer (via catalogs and the website) and wholesale to specialty toy stores. The outfits and accessories came in clear, vinyl bags with vinyl handles.

18.50 in
Doll types: 
Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
MAC/Carpatina clothing compatible
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Sleep eyes
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Child dolls
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