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Springfield Collection
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From the Why Springfield? page on the Springfield Dolls website:

Did you know that Springfield is the

  • most common name for towns and cities in America?
  • Over 50 towns and cities in America are named Springfield!

The first Springfield collection® was introduced in 1996! Our Springfield dolls and fashions are on trend with today’s girls fashion and fun activities.

The Springfield dolls are very inexpensive 18" vinyl play dolls, similar in style to American Girl dolls but with quality in proportion to their $20 (vs. $100 for American Girl) price. There is a full line of clothing, accessories and furniture available for the dolls as well.

These dolls can be found primarily at arts and crafts stores such as Michael's, Jo-Anns and AC Moore. Because these stores routinely have 40% and 50% off coupons, you can get them very cheaply.

Though the dolls are slightly slimmer than American Girl dolls, most of the outfits and shoes are interchangeable.

When these dolls were introduced in 1996, they were a kit. The dolls had soft-shoulders and upper thighs and the vinyl head and limbs came attached to the unstuffed fabric body. You had to stuff the body will Poly-Fil and sew her up along a  horizontal flap in her back for the look on the left. Most of the dolls had curly hair. They sold an optional armature so you could make her poseable if you wanted. After a few years they started selling them pre-stuffed and sewn (though still nude). The current dolls have much-improved, articulated bodies. For a while they were also sold nude, though currently they come in a very simple dress. See the comparison pictures below showing how their bodies compare to American Girl. 

You get what you pay for. If you have one of the older dolls, expect her hair to turn into a tangled mess. The newer dolls have better hair though it still has a very shiny, synthetic quality to it. Now that they have articulated bodies, I use them for body donors in a pinch.

Dolls were revamped for 2016. 


18.00 in
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Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
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Sleep eyes
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Child dolls
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