South African Girl

Letting girls be girls!
About the brand: 

An Age Appropriate high quality play doll. These dolls represents an 6 - 12 year old girl. She fills the gap between baby and teenage dolls.

OUR MOTTO: Letting Girls be Girls - The young girls of today grow up so fast. These doll encourage doll play as they are the same age as them. They are easy to dress and their size make then fun to craft, sew and knit for. On my blog I also include ideas of stuff you can make for your dolls!

* She is 45cm (18') tall
* Doll scale 1:3

* Soft hugable body
* High quality vinyl limbs and head
* Gentle eyes that closes when she sleeps!
* She can stand on her own
* Our dolls are made of phthalate-free vinyl

* These dolls have kankelon hair wigs. This is the same hair they use in some human wigs
* High quality hair for hours of styling and brushing
* Hair care instructions included with the dolls
* Interesting fact - If for some reason the hair gets ruined... the wig can be replaced!

The Summer 2013 Doll Meet Outfit is a fun set that allows you to mix and match. The outfit includes 7 pieces. These outfits are made with quality fabric and are very well sewn to withstand hours of doll play.

  1. Striped T-Shirt - With Velcro Closure in the back
  2. Pink Leggings
  3. Cargo Safari Shorts - Made to be worn over layers as layers are so popular! Snap and velcro closure in the front
  4. White Vest with Velcro closure
  5. White Panties... every decent girl needs these!
  6. White Socks
  7. White Shoes - Soft soles with velcro closure for easy dressing. Can be worn without socks

We decided to be earth friendly and not have expensive and plastic packaging. She is securely packed in a box and tied down with ribbons. There is not battle to take her out the box either!
The box can be covered in fabric and made into a bed for the doll to sleep on or a couch to lounge on!

Three dolls were part of the original line up: Annie, Nandi and Zoey. Anya, Tracy and Zanele were added in 2014. Kara and Melissa were added in 2015.

18.00 in
Doll types: 
Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
Primary material: 
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Eye type: 
Fixed/Inset acrylic
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Child dolls
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