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My Sibling Dolls are dolls with a special message. This message is one of understanding and acceptance for children who learn and grow differently, expressed in the stories that come with each doll. There is a booklet that hangs from the wrist of the doll which contains educational information as well as a story, told from the perspective of a typical child, about what life is like when that child has a brother or sister with a disability. Four of the My Sibling characters have a sibling with autism, and two of the characters have a sibling with Down Syndrome. The educational page in the booklet, explaining in very simple terms the symptoms and challenges of the disability, and the story are written by Loretta Boronat, who knows about these disabilities from personal as well as professional experience. She has based all the stories on real people and their everyday ups and downs of living with a loved one who has either autism or Down Syndrome.

April’s Almost Perfect Birthday, Andy’s Terribly Funny Waterfall, Victoria Pictures Her Day, Matty’s Supermarket Mystery, Mae and Helpful Happy Joe, and Tommy’s Curious Kid Brother are the titles of the stories, containing the characters’ names. There are three My Sibling boy dolls (Andy, Matty and Tommy), whose characters are very important to Loretta’s mission, because boys are affected by disabilities at a much higher rate than girls, and therefore, their needs should be addressed. Making dolls for boys available at a reasonable price was of paramount importance to Loretta when she created this doll program, because she believes boys are entitled to the benefits that come from having a doll to cherish, love and care for as their own companion.

All of the accessories and booklets, and most of the clothing for My Sibling Dolls are made in the USA. Since there are no manufacturers in the United States who make any 18 doll, it is necessary to import them from overseas, which makes it all the more challenging to a small business. Manufacturers usually produce dolls fully dressed, accessorized and packaged so they are ready to be sold as they arrive in the U.S. My Sibling Dolls are not produced this way, because they are outfitted and packaged by students with disabilities here, sponsored by the My Sibling Work Experience Program. This program provides job sampling experiences for students, aged 14-21, who are entitled by federal law to have transition services in their school setting.

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Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
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Fixed/Inset acrylic
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Child dolls
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