Mini Dolls

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AG Mini Dolls
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Mini dolls were introduced in 1995. They included the original five historical dolls and had glass inset eyes and a glued on wig. They came with an abridged edition of their “Meet” books and a small pamphlet that looked just like the large pamphlet that came with the 18” dolls at that time.

From the American Girl Catalog at the time:

Mini Dolls of the American Girls

Of course the doll that every Girl of Today wants this holiday season is from The American Girl’s Collection. Select one for your girl or give her a set of all five! Each 6-inch mini-doll comes with a tiny version of the first book in her series—fun bedtime reading for your American Girl and you!

In 2001 the original dolls were discontinued and the current dolls were debuted. They included painted eyes and rooted hair. They still come with the "Meet" book, but no longer have the small phamplet.

In 2011, for their 25th Anniversary, American Girl sold a limited edition of 12 mini dolls in their holiday outfits.

2013 saw the introduction of mini Girl of the Year dolls with a mini version of Saige.

The latest change in the mini doll line came in 2014 with the change to BeForever.  The mini dolls got a complete overhaul with new face molds and an all vinyl, taller body.



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Play dolls
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Child dolls
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