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Where girls write their own stories!
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Make it Mine
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They call MiM a converti-doll because you can easily change her eyes and wig. Not only that, you can even purchase alternative bodies for her including a mermaid and centaur! She is a 16" vinyl BJD and she comes in a sleeping bag instead of a box. The debut issue of the catalog (November, 2011) includes the basic doll at $89 with a brown, bobbed wig and brown eyes, plus 7 extra eye colors (with a unique, easy-to-use eye mechanism), 10 extra wigs, 10 outfits with a lot of mix and match potential and 9 accessory sets.

Extra eyes are $6, extra wigs are $12 - $15, outfits range from $22 to $32 and accessories from $8 to $32. The mermaid body is $35 and the centaul body will be available soon.

MiM dolls are being marketed to tween and older girls which should introduce many in that age range to the wonders of the BJD world, bringing more and more into the doll collecting hobby. Long live MiM!



From the Make It Mine company's About MiM page. http://www.mimtoy.com/About-MIM.html


MiM Girls write their own stories!

MiM is a totally new kind of doll, with changeable parts. Her eyes, wigs, hands, feet, and even her body can be removed and changed. If you can dream up a character, you can make her - from a mermaid to a centaur to a girl with pink hair. We supply the parts; you supply the “MiMagination.” MiM Dolls and accessories are the first of their kind that take dolls a step further into fully customizable play. High quality, poseable, 16-inch ball-jointed MiM Dolls are the opposite of average.... they are amazing! Because we believe you deserve extraordinary play!

Less packaging, more play!!

We think outside the box here at MiM, so we reduced our cardboard use. Some heavier more fragile items still require boxes but for the most part our toys will come in alternative sometimes reusable materials. Making them lighter and easier to ship.
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Mini, MSD
Play dolls
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Child dolls
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