Mary Engelbreit® Collection

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The Mary Engelbreit Collection was introduced by Tonner in 1999. In 2008, the Mary Engelbreit line was moved to Effanbee Dolls.

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Mary Engelbreit® Collection

Ann Estelle by Mary Engelbreit® Collection

Meet our Ann Estelle, the "Queen of Everything," who captures all the charm and whimsy of the paper doll character who appears in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine.  First introduced as a 10" fine doll in 1999, our Ann Estelle now comes in three sizes: 8", 10" & 18", and even has her own beautiful collection of 'breit' clothing! Great care was taken to reproduce each darling detail of the Mary Engelbreit illustrations in both the dressed dolls and the additional outfits. Ann Estelle and her friends are great fun for collecting and playtime!  

Ann Estelle's Story - Ann Estelle, the only recurring character in Mary's art, is essentially her alter ego and named after her maternal grandmother.  The lovely, but feisty, Ann Estelle is generally (but not always!) blond, bespeckled and wears a sailor outfit and hat.  On occasion, she has red hair, black hair (or no hair at all!) and she may forgo the glasses and sailor outfit for a more fashionable ensemble.  She can be drawn of any age, but is always a girl at heart.  She is pleasant, and without a doubt, has manners that cannot be matched.  And while you may describe her as serene and confident, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E is the word that first comes to mind when speaking of our dear Ann Estelle - remember, she IS The Queen of Everything!  Any Mary Engelbreit fan worth her checks and cherries can identify Ann Estelle on sight.  The original Ann Estelle, Ann Estelle Divine, was born in 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri. And she too was proper, principled, and loved by many-including her granddaughter, Mary Engelbreit.

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Mary Engelbreit® Collection consists of 10-inch and 18-inch, vinyl dolls with synthetic wig and an extensive, fun wardrobe and accessories.  Ann Estelle, Georgia, Sophie and Gracie gather for a full set of whimsical fun. 

 8" Ann Estelle is an 8-inch, hard plastic doll with synthetic mohair wig and an extensive, fun wardrobe. Her sculpt is a new sculpt by Robert Tonner. This doll shares the same body as 8" Betsy..

Sometimes, many interesting surprise accessory items are included in the 10-inch Ann Estelle Collection.  You can assure looking at photos of upcoming Ann Estelle dolls that there is more than meets the eye.  Many of the miniature accessories have been separately available in the Toy Box Treasures Series of miniature toys for the 10" Ann Estelle dolls.

Of particular note, the 18" Ann Estelle doll body uses the same body as that used in the Tonner JC Penney exclusive 'Penney & Friends' dolls.  Many have confused this comparison with the 'Magic Attic Dolls'.  While Robert Tonner sculpted both dolls, there are variations in the 'Magic Attic' doll body that may make some 'Magic Attic' clothing unsuitable for the 18" Ann Estelle body.

Hair- Mary Engelbreit 10" and 18" dolls are wigged with synthetic fiber. The following hair colors are available:

  • Blonde - The standard hair color of Ann Estelle; although since 2002, new hair colors have been introduced for Ann Estelle; and 2004's Blonde 'Sunshine Sophie'!!
  • Red - Used in 8", 10" and 18" dolls.
  • Auburn - Available on 2004's 10" Basic Sophie.
  • Brunette - 2003's Endearing Elegance and 2004's 10" Dottie Delight.
  • Black - Used on 10" Gracie and 8" Parasol Party.
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Play dolls
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Fixed/Inset acrylic
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Child dolls
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