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"Introducing ...(the Journey Girls*)... – the best friends who love to see new sights and explore new things. To these girls, half the fun is sharing their experiences – and special talents – with one another. Their friendship will last forever and their adventures are just beginning. Get set for a Journey Girl adventure and don't forget to pack her favorite gear!

With their trademark beauty and unique personalities, our exclusive Journey Girls capture every girl's heart and imagination! Journey Girls are the best friends with tons of travel experiences and special talents to share. No matter how far a Journey Girl travels, her friends remain close to her heart. Get set for a Journey Girl adventure and don't forget to pack her favorite gear!

Get to know ...(the Journey Girls*)... - the best friends who love to see new sights and explore new things. To these Journey Girls, half the fun is sharing their experiences-and special talents-with one another. No matter how far apart they are, Journey Girls keep in touch by talking on the phone, emailing, texting and writing postcards. Their friendship will last forever and their adventures are just beginning. Take a Journey Girl on your next trip! " TRU website

The Journey Girls are soft body, 18" vinyl play dolls that are similar to American Girl dolls, though slimmer and less expensive, available exclusively through Toys R Us (including Toys R Us Canada, Toys R Us Australia and Toys R Us UK). The original 2010 line up featured four dolls: Alana, Callie, Meredith and Taryn. By 2012, Alana and Taryn had been replaced with Kyla and Chavonne respectively. No official explanation has been provided for the change but most consumers feel it was customer or manufacturer driven.

There are more versions of Meredith than any other doll suggesting that blond hair, blue eyed dolls are still a favorite among little girls. The only doll with glasses is Dana; she is also the only doll who got a major hairstyle change (it got longer). Kelsey has a unique eye color (that was hers alone until 2014 when Lotus used it in the Newberry's Abigail doll). Callie is the only doll to ever have sported bangs. Mikaella is the only holiday doll to have been added to the regular line up. Jordanna is the only doll with highlighted hair.

Their line up updates every year. In 2013, the line began to follow a theme per year.

2013 - Paris

2014 - London

2015 - Italy

2016 - New York City

2017 - Australia

2018/19- Japan


The 2012 line of dolls all featured profiles with information about their life (which can be found on their Dollation character pages). A multiple choice quiz was provided for consumers to who they were most like. There were also some fun download pages made available.

In 2014, a new face mold and body type were introduced with the holiday doll, Mikaella. The fall editions of both Meredith and Kyla also switched to the new molds. Consumers are not settled on whether the changes are an improvement (the new body type is also used for Lotus Onda's espari dolls).

In addition to Mikaella (2014), holiday dolls have included Jordanna (2013) and Giovanna (2015). After seemingly retiring, Alana returned with slightly different coloring and the new body/face in a first ever two pack special edition with Kara Rose in 2015. 2016 brought another new face in holiday doll Ilee. a two pack of unnamed dolls was released in the fall of 2016. The 2017 holiday doll arrived with two coloring combinations (as did Ilee) but did not come with a name. A celebration set with a no name doll was also released in the fall of 2017.

Only some of the Canadian Toys R Us site pages state that the Journey Girls are made by Lotus Onda**. For many years (2010-2013), their body type and face molds appear to have been unique to the Journey Girls line. With new doll lines available exclusively overseas and in Canada, that appears not to be true anymore.

Focusing on the concepts of friendship and travel, the Journey Girls continue to provide a welcome alternative to American Girl dolls with interesting stories, accessories and updates without the costs of the American Girl brand.

Both the Canadian and American Toys R Us stores are closed by 2018. Some Kroger (US) grocery stores sold Journey Girls in their toy isles over the 2018 winter holidays. Australia versions of Kyla and Mikella were sold at (US) Shopko stores from 2018 clearancing out in 2019. A new version of both Meredith and Dana were also available as was a fashion pack. Dana's glasses have notably changed from their standard dark to a translucent pink/lilac. From web photos showing Meredith and Dana in their new outfits, there may have been other new versions available or designed but not produced. 

The future of the Journey Girls brand is still unknown at the time of this writing (February 2019).

In 2019, Amazon bought the rights to Journey Girls.

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* The original text listed the current dolls' names. 
**The newer listings do not say Lotus Onda.


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