Girls on the Go

Also known as: 
Pretty Girls
Paige (for KMart)
Disney Sweethearts Mind (for Disney)
Elite Dolls, Lifetime Play Dolls
Year of introduction: 
About the brand: 

There are many different versions of the Meritus/Elite Dolls. The most common is the Girls On the Go that was distributed by Toys R Us and sold for about $25. These are no longer being made. Toys R Us later sold "Girls On the Go" are by Tolly Tots that were very different. You can identify one of these dolls because they'll have M.I.I., Elite or Meritus on the back of the neck.

These dolls have decent body quality and I think their faces are kind of cute. The hair, however, is the worst feature -- it will turn into a frizzy, tangled mess.

Meritus dolls are very similar in size to American Girl dolls. Like the other low-end dolls, Meritus are slightly slimmer and their feet are slightly smaller. The sculpt of their limbs is very, very similar to American Girl.

The clothing is of medium quality but it is cute enough. They come with the icky plastic/rubber shoes that are extremely difficult to get on. The clothing is not tagged. There were separate boxed outfits available for the dolls.

They're not "collector quality", but they are "wholesome little girl" dolls, much nicer for preschool and young school age girls to play with than Bratz or other tween dolls. However, don't be surprised if your little girl gets totally frustrated with her hair. Braid it right away or rewig her as soon as it frizzes if she is attached to her.

18.00 in
Doll types: 
Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
Primary material: 
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Eye type: 
Sleep eyes
Doll ages: 
Child dolls
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