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About A Girl For All Time®

Girls are social beings and often thrive on social play. Finding toys that encouraged social play in an intelligent, creative way for older girls was the challenge I faced as my own girl grew older and more sophisticated. She had lost interest in the traditional toys of her infancy and childhood, yet finding anything age-appropriate that challenged her and encouraged her creativity was proving difficult. FInding something that celebrated femininity in an intelligent way was practically impossible... 

So I was inspired to create A Girl for All Time® – a world of of beautifully designed dolls, with novels and keepsake books, where girls 6+ can explore and enjoy a host of challenging and creative activities. 

Here, they are inspired by fabulous fashions, original games and stories; they can explore the meaning of friendships and family; they can make favourite recipes; even create their own family tree - with friends, with family, or on their own.

Each character in the A Girl for All Time® family, all descended from the first doll, Matilda, features in a series of novels set in different eras of the most exciting times in English history. The novels encourage girls to explore the past, while the keepsake books bring the character’s world to life with themed activities and adventures. 

I hope you enjoy exploring the world of A Girl for All Time® and meeting the first in our family tree, Matilda, Your Tudor Girl ™ . 

The Making of ...

The idea for A Girl for All Time® came to me at a lunch with some friends in Feb., 2009. At the time, all of us had girls then aged eight to nine years old and we were bemoaning the lack of intelligent toys on offer for them. This, plus recent media coverage about inappropriate toys and clothing marketed at this age group, made me think...

If I could not find what I wanted to buy for my daughter and her friends, why not create it instead? Surely if my friends and I felt this way, others did as well.

I wanted to create beautifully crafted dolls that would appeal to both girls and their parents and be something special enough to treasure forever.

With my daughter in the middle of Key Stage 2 history, trying to make sense of timelines and sequence of events, it seemed as though dolls and history might be a good place to start. While researching Tudor daily life, the idea of a girl named Matilda who was sent to the court of Henry VIII as a spy started to develop....

After 6 months of working on Matilda, I presented it to Sandra, whose work as director of the film 'Ballet Shoes' I had loved. I knew she would be the perfect person to help me develop Matilda and her world, so I shamelessly hounded her until she agreed to look at my initial idea.

Luckily, Sandra fell in love with the concept. So we crafted Matilda - her look, her world - commencing with the novel, Matilda's Secret.

Katya was recruited from the world of film and fashion production as dress designer, so with Katya on board, we knew Matilda's costumes would be magical and reflect our vision.

We found a wonderfully talented artist in Louise who inspired a unique and characterful face for our doll that was very different from anything else available.

The creative and artistic genius of Pete has helped bring the world of Matilda into everyday life for girls to enjoy, with the beautifully crafted and original Keepsake Books.

The manufacturing side of the story was less straightforward.

I had tried for months and months to negotiate with Chinese factories, had endured endless trips back and forth with few positive results, and had rejected far too many prototypes that did not meet my standard. After 18 months, I had to seriously consider whether or not I should pull away from the project once and for all.

Thankfully a stroke of luck came when I finally found a factory whose reputation and standards were impeccable. I flew out to see them and had one of the best sculpt houses and manufacturing factories in China signed up within a month. They were able to produce a flawless rendition of exactly what we had imagined for Matilda and their execution of her costumes and accessories has been superb.

It has been a fantastic journey so far. For all of us, Matilda and her descendants are not just dolls and books but a whole world…

We all hope that you enjoy exploring the world of A Girl for All Time® as much as we have had creating it.


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