Friends Forever Girls

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The Idea:

To create six high quality dolls. Each ethnically diverse, fun loving and with her own special and unique personality. The dolls come to life through a series of books that take the reader through the challenging and exciting adventures of growing up girl!

How It Happened:

Last year I was looking for a high quality doll for my daughter that was fun to play with, that was dressed in hip but age-appropriate clothes, and that could be used as a tool to help build self-respect and foster responsibility. I couldn’t find one. So, with amazing support from family and friends I decided to start my own company and create the line of dolls and books I was envisioning. All I can say is ignorance is bliss and encouragement from others is worth its weight in gold!

~ Kristi
Founder, Inspire U., LLC to potential!

Kristi Necochea - Founder

I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, three beautiful children and an amazing circle of friends, brothers, sisters and parents.

You can frequently find me at Target with grape jelly smeared on the left shoulder of my t-shirt, my kids running in every direction and a little bit of sweat dripping from my brow.

And although, like many of you, my days are pretty hectic... I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lisa Quakenbush - Partner

I couldn’t have been more excited to join Kristi and The Friends Forever Girls in 2008. Kristi is a long-time friend and Wisconsin native - like me! With nearly 20 years of business experience mainly in the financial services industry, it has been quite an experience diving into the toy industry – making dolls and focusing on books specifically written for young girls!

As a mom of two, a 5-year old son and an 8-year old daughter, I am thrilled about the book series and our message for parents and young girls. We all want to teach our kids good values and now it can be fun, too! The Butterfly Promises created in the first book along with the dolls are great tools that can be used not only by parents but grandparents and teachers as well to talk with our girls about positive choices and the importance of friendships.

Phil Hauser - Sculptor

My career as a professional sculptor started at the age of 21 when I ran the sculpting and molding department for a medium-sized gift company. Later, I joined with my brother to establish a successful custom jewelry store in Cambria.

After leaving the jewelry business, I started a pewter foundry and worked in the gift and collectible industry where I became established as a freelance sculptor for many major toy companies, such as; Mattel, Galoob, Hasbro, Tyco, Playmates, Just Toys, and Playalong.

I am pleased to take my skill and passion to new personal heights by entering the world of fine art with bronze sculpture for galleries and private collections.

You can contact me at: phil.hauser [at]

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Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
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Child dolls
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