BFF Doll Company

About the brand: 

BFF Doll Company started with an idea by a Grandmother to make a better doll for her Grand Daughter. She wanted the doll to be a doll that girls would love and pass on to their children. The idea was presented to a large multination company for a premium doll that had a unique design. They were interested in the idea, but did not see the market potential for a new premium doll. After considerable discussion and deliberation, Dawn Krupp decided that she would move forward with her idea without the backing of a large multinational company and their marketing expertise. She decided that the idea and design was too good to pass up and decided to take the risk of starting her own company. With the help of her son, BFF Doll Company, LLC began in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Drawing began in 2007 along with a search for manufacturing facilities. From 2007 to 2010 a number of prototypes were manufactured to refine the look and feel of the doll. The final doll was patented at the United States Patent Office in 2011 and manufacturing began with the first shipment of dolls in 2011. Our website and sales began for the 2011 season.

Because of the unique nature of the BFF Doll Company, a decision was made not to make through ordinary big box retailers. Our hope is to grow BFF Doll Company into a great company with worldwide sales. We decided that the best way to market and distribute the BFF Doll was through a national network of independent representatives in a network marketing format. We are inviting friends and Customers to become the first independent BFF Doll Company Representatives.
                            Dawn Krupp & Carly Krupp, BFF Doll Company Co-founders

These dolls have a special patented foot shape.

18.00 in
Doll types: 
Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
Primary material: 
Hair type: 
Eye type: 
Sleep eyes
Doll ages: 
Child dolls
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