Adora Friends

About the brand: 

These dolls are a reboot of the Adora 4-Ever Friends, which were released in 2011. The dolls got new face molds and new names, and a whole new line of clothing and accessories were released. Like the older dolls, there were also Girl Scout versions of the dolls (which sold for $10 more). The dolls and their outfits/accessories are sold to retailers as well as being available on the Adora Doll website since 2013.

Highlights by year:

  • 2013 - The initial four dolls plus the Town & Country, Cool Weather, and California Sun clothing lines with 4 outfits each. There were 8 shoes/boots sold separately (the dolls this year came in tan fringe clogs to go with their tunic/legging starter outfits). The wooden Wardrobe was the only product that was carried on from the 4-Ever Friends line that proceeded this one. The dolls sold for $59.99, outfits from $24.99 to $29, and shoes for $8.99.
  • 2014 - The Lola doll was added to the line. The starter outfits stayed basically the same except the shoes changed to white flats (actually, the footware change happened part-way into 2013). The Sports line was added (5 outfits like softball and soccer), and also Snow Bunny with 4 new outfits and 2 new pairs of boots. (The three original clothing lines continued to be available in the catalog and on-line.) This was also the first year of the Designed by Kids for Kids contest with the adorable Kayla's Panda Outfit as the winner. The doll price went up to $69.99, outfits are $29.99, and shoes $13.99.
  • 2015 - The five dolls got new ballet style starter outfits and colorful hair extensions. Isabelle's Pretty Little Cowgirl Outfit was the Designed by Kids for Kids contest outfit (and the Panda outfit continued to be sold). The Sports, Snow Bunny, and California Sun outfit lines continued to be sold but the Town & Country and Cool Weather (and their associated boots) were discontinued from the catalog (though still available on-line).
  • 2016 - The starters stayed the same and the Designed by Kids for Kids outfit is ADORA by the Shore which is a beach outfit. The Snow Bunny line is discontinued (leaving only Sports and California Sun).
  • 2017 - The 18" Adora Friends line was discontinued.
18.00 in
Doll types: 
Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
AG clothing compatible
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Eye type: 
Sleep eyes
Doll ages: 
Child dolls
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