18" Classmates

Your Friends Forever
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The 18" Berenguer Classmates dolls are one of the nicest of the AG "wannabe" dolls. (There is a 2004 series of 11" dolls call "Be Yourself" Classmates that are by the same company but totally different.) Classmates are a good enough fit for American Girl clothes that they will work in your collection even if you want all of your dolls to share a common wardrobe. These dolls are between MAC and AG size so some clothes from each will fit though MAC shoes are the best choice for them. (See the 18" Berenguer Classmates body type page for comparison pictures.)

There is a nice variety of face molds, some with teeth showing and some without, and they are quite cute with good child appeal. If you are sensitive to smells, you may object to the baby powder (?) scent that is infused in the vinyl but this does dissipate over time. The quality of the dolls is high and they are currently undervalued on the secondary market where you can often pick them up for $15 or less in good condition. The clothing quality is fair and was available in separate packaging.

Note: these dolls have an issue with their eyes turning purple over time. Be careful when buying them on the secondary market.

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Play dolls
18 inch vinyl play dolls
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Sleep eyes
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Child dolls
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