Thanks for your interest in Dollation! Use this form to send me an e-mail message about the website in general. Please note that I am not an expert on all types of dolls! If you have a question about a particular type of doll, I would recommend first looking at the Brand Experts page to see if there is a volunteer who specializes in that type of doll. Then follow the link to that user's profile page and use their Contact form to ask them your question. (Note that Brand Experts is a new thing, so there may not be anyone listed for your brand yet.)

Also note that we generally do not answer questions about doll value. Determining the value of a doll or doll item can best be done by using the Advanced Search feature on eBay and checking the "Search including: Sold listings" box. Monitoring this over time for items in the same condition as yours is the best way to determine value.

Are you an expert on a particular type of doll? Anyone can add content to Dollation, but if you'd like to join our team of volunteers who are working on making the Collector's Guide as comprehensive as possible, let me know what brands you specialize in. As noted above, you should also be willing to answer very occasional e-mail questions about your type(s) of dolls.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!