Copyright Ownership Rules

Images and text on Dollation are copyright the owner of the content item with the exception of images and catalog text in the Dollipedia which is copyright the company indicated on the page unless otherwise clearly specified.

Do not download and use any images from this website without the permission of the copyright owner.


Content authors, when you upload an image that you did not take yourself, you must obtain permission from the owner of the image and identify them in the image's "title" field, in the Picture caption, or in the Links / Sources field. The exception is for catalog pictures and logos in the Dollipedia. These images are used to help collectors identify and to promote the products of the company they are owned by. You must not alter these catalog pictures in any way. Companies that have explicitly stated they do not wish their images to be used will have this information indicated on the content creation forms in the Dollipedia. (It is in the company's best interest to foster and encourage the collecting community, but the right to grant or withhold usage permissions is the sole right of the copyright owner and we will respect that.)


Any text used in content on Dollation that is not the work of the content author must be clearly attributed. The best way to do this is to use block quotes and to link to the source of the information (or to indicate the book title and author for printed references).  Longer passages (such as entire Brand descriptions) may be used if you obtain permission from the original author and give them credit, including a link or book reference. This is particularly important for content from other on-line references. Just because someone put the information on the web does not give you the right to copy it to the Dollipedia.

What to do if you find a page that violates these rules

Copyright owners, if you find an image or text you own that you would like removed from the site, please use the "Flag for admin" link on the page and/or contact us. We will immediately remove the image or text or add the appropriate attribution as you prefer.

Members, in the Dollipedia, if you notice a problem, please help by editing the page to fix the violation (removing the image or adding the attribution if you know it). When doing so, please add a note for the revision about the change. In most cases, the original author will be notified of the change automatically with a copy of your note. If you notice repeated examples that indicate a member may not understand these rules, please ask an administrator to contact them with a reminder and a link to these rules.