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Focus on Mini Kaya - A Photo a Day in January

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I was pleased to see that Maria has declared January Kaya month.  I've been doing a photo a day of my mini AG's since January 2012.  I've been focusing on one mini doll each month and missed only two days in 2012.  This month is Mini Kaya's turn to shine in the spotlight.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of her.

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Hi! I am new to this site and I am a reborn doll collector. When I was little I collected American Girl dolls, and I have them, but I haven't brushed their hair in like...forever. Now I have reborn dolls: Kyle By Pat Moulton (Matthew) Reese by Andrea Arcello (Reese) Stormy by Donna RuPert (Carter) and Julie By Evelina Wosnjuk (Sophie). I love them all and I am also a very rare breed of collector: I am still in High School. We are going to be going to a doll show soon, and I'm bringing Reese. She is sooo cute, no joke. Read more about HI!

Spotlight On Kaya!

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Betsy & the Gingerbread Man Picture Story

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My kids and I were baking gingerbread men today so I decided to upload a picture story we made a few years ago:

Betsy & the Gingerbread Man

Here's the cover picture:

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Saige has been added to the American Girl Girl of the Year page of the Dollipedia!

I think she's adorable and I've already added several of her things to My Wishlist. What do you think of the girl of 2013? Read more about Saige!

New Year's (Doll-Related) Resolutions

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Happy New Year!

You know what that means -- New Year's resolutions!!

My "big" doll resolutions for 2013 are:

  1. Buy little.
  2. Play more.
  3. Sell extras.
  4. Extend Dollation.
  5. Promote Dollation.
  6. Track my collection. (<-- This is the big one!)

What are your resolutions? Create a blog post and share them!

I'm going to need strategies to keep these resolutions. Read more about New Year's (Doll-Related) Resolutions

Happy Holidays and What's New!

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Paper Minis Web Site

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This is a great resource for making accessories for our dolls! When you subscribe to her newsletter, Ann Vanture sends you an email link to her downloadable projects. There are all sorts of fun things. She makes them available in various sizes for miniature doll houses and dolls. The one that is available for 18" dolls is the 1:3 size.   The current offer is a Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes book that can be made for our girls. There are directions for downloading and how to put them together. Read more about Paper Minis Web Site

New to Dollation! And need help.

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I've had a good time looking around Dollation and enjoying everyone's pictures. 

I've tried to add my collection and the page will not accept my product. I own a GOTZ doll and it says it's not on the list of products. Does that mean it's not on "my" list and if so how do I add it. It is on the list in "By Companies". 

I would like to use this feature is someone could help me out.

Thanks so much! Read more about New to Dollation! And need help.

Almost there! (New server)

Type: Blog post, 2 comments is back and is up and running on its new server! In celebration, we've decided to consider the site in official beta test phase. (Woo hoo!)

Besides being more reliable, this new server allows us to upload huge pictures and to have the site itself scale them down to a reasonable size. This makes adding pictures to albums and the Dollipedia a lot easier and more fun.  Read more about Almost there! (New server)