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Mea Culpa

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If you are just discovering Dollation, welcome! You may stop reading now. smiley


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My Kaya finally got some love.

As I described in my Spotlight on Kaya post, I've decided to spend a month at a time giving lots of attention to different dolls in my collection in turn. Last month was Kaya's time in the spotlight.

Are you a member of UFDC?

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UFDC's Miss Unity Logo

Mini Kaya for 30 Days

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Mini Kaya Mosaic

New colors for a new year

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I was tired of the old, Halloween-like color scheme so I decided it was time for a change. Let me know what you think!

Permanent home for my Take Your Doll To Work album

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I've found a solution for the occasional changing of the URL for my Take Your Doll To Work album, the record of which doll accompanied me to work and what she was wearing on that day.  The album is getting large, 487 pictures, representing 3+ years of 3-4 days per week, with the most recent photos first.  The new (and permanent) URL is:

I hope you like the pictures.  My 60+ AG and AG wannabe dolls are grade school girls in the mid-1950...


Focus on Mini Kaya - A Photo a Day in January

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I was pleased to see that Maria has declared January Kaya month.  I've been doing a photo a day of my mini AG's since January 2012.  I've been focusing on one mini doll each month and missed only two days in 2012.  This month is Mini Kaya's turn to shine in the spotlight.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of her.



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Hi! I am new to this site and I am a reborn doll collector. When I was little I collected American Girl dolls, and I have them, but I haven't brushed their hair in like...forever. Now I have reborn dolls: Kyle By Pat Moulton (Matthew) Reese by Andrea Arcello (Reese) Stormy by Donna RuPert (Carter) and Julie By Evelina Wosnjuk (Sophie). I love them all and I am also a very rare breed of collector: I am still in High School. We are going to be going to a doll show soon, and I'm bringing Reese. She is sooo cute, no joke.

Spotlight On Kaya!

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Betsy & the Gingerbread Man Picture Story

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My kids and I were baking gingerbread men today so I decided to upload a picture story we made a few years ago:

Betsy & the Gingerbread Man

Here's the cover picture: