Introductions All Around


Hello! or maybe I should say, "Hey, Y'all!" since it is what I would say if standing face to face with you!

I live in Texas and originally started with dollhouses. After a while (three dollhouses in) I decided I wanted someone to live in those dollhouses. I was not happy with the stiff, resin, dollhouse dolls that are normally sold to inhabit dollhouses so I started looking around. Then, I saw them. The tiny little Fairyland Realpuki folk with their cute little faces and pointy ears just took my breath away. I fell for the Realpuki Soso before I found out that Fairyland does not make them anymore. I had to find one somewhere. I joined a few Facebook groups and soon found someone wanting to part with their sweet little Soso. 

Sunshine was adopted from England. She arrived at our home March 26th, 2020.

She has become my little companion through the days of this COVID-19 pandemic. My husband and youngest son (who still lives at home), are still working. If not for her I think I may have gone a little crazy (or should I say a little 'more' crazy?!).

Now, it isn't that Sunshine isn't enough. She is adorable, and so much fun. However, I do have three dollhouses, and it's kind of silly to think she would live in all of them! I found a very happy STO doll who had the biggest smile! I knew that her happiness would be infectious. She has not arrived yet, but while we are waiting I saw another little Realpuki was searching for a new home. I just couldn't resist. This new Realpuki is an Ara with a huge personality! So, now we are awaiting two more 'siblings' for Sunshine. We are considering names and buying clothes in anticipation of their arrival. 







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