Why We Love Dolls

Other than dolls are quiet and easy to care for without any backtalk. They come in so many lovely skin tones from around the world and some many different sizes. Some with long hair some with short. Some have a full figure to slim model doll bodies and they are a joy to display.

Now that many doll lovers are into creating or customizing their dolls to give them a special look that differs from other dolls that catches seekers eyes and which leads others to follow them seeking to see what is new. Oh, and for us that don't want to spend a few thousand on the top leading brands on the hotties outfits, we can make the outfit for our dolls from Ralph Lauren to Gucci. Plus it's a relaxing joy and keeps you busy.

I have been collecting different dolls for a very long time. I had stopped at the age of 17 of age and started to give my Barbie dolls to younger girls I use to babysit. Then granddaughters came alone and were interested in Bratz dolls and the collection of dolls started back up.


Bratz doll with Articulated bodies for better possing.

Now we use dolls in roleplay with younger girls at church to show them from how they should dress outside the home and like this doll, not to dress showing their goods for free to how to speak to their friends about Jesus.

The Tonner Dolls:

  The bed and chairs are from the Groovy Girls Collection. As you can see, the show the Tonner dolls can make due, but Barbie size dolls and the Tiny Kitty dolls fit with room to spare.


A night out poolside bar with Barbie size dolls:


Dorothy in PA

I have always loved dolls. I didn't really start collecting until I joined a doll club (UFDC) about 5 years ago. Before that I had only my childhood dolls and one Adora baby that I purchased.

Now I have a small collection. I just ordered a My Imagination Starter Doll (Tonner). My new passion is for the Gotz Happy Kidz.

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