Doll-Related New Year's Resolutions - 2016 Edition!

Happy New Year!

Three years ago(!) I wrote a blog post about doll-related New Year's resolutions. It's time to update them, but it turns out that not much updating is needed, instead I mostly need to rearrange some priorities.

2015 was a great year -- I had a lot of fun with my dolls and my doll friends. My "big" doll-related resolutions for 2016 are:

  1. Document my collection!
  2. Play more.
  3. Buy little.
  4. Sell/Donate extras.
  5. Extend Dollation.
  6. Promote Dollation.

What are your doll-related resolutions? Create a blog post and share them!

Here are some thoughts on strategies for keeping these resolutions, especially in light of how I didn't keep some of them very well over the last three years.

  1. Document my collection!: I have moved this up to be my #1 priority for this year. This has the nice side-effect of populating the Collector's Guide for all the doll stuff I own (which is a lot!). I've got most of my stuff listed in the Collection Tracker, and now it's time to document it, which means taking pictures and writing reviews. My main strategy for this is to take quick pictures of my doll displays and to fill in the "Items from my collection that are in this picture" field, which will require that I add the Product entries to the Collector's Guide. I've done this for the basement doll room, now I need to do it for the other doll displays in the house. After I get all the dolls documented in this way (I have over 200 dolls), I'll move on to their collections. I've already started with my American Girl collection (since that is the largest), and the strategy I've begun there is to do it by theme, focusing on a theme that's appropriate to the current season. I've started with the historical dolls (since they're my favorite) and I'll go through the core stories (Meet, School, Holiday, etc.) and recreate the pamphlet or catalog pictures for that theme/story, and set up other scenes. As I go, I'll also take close-up pictures of each item in the picture. This strategy is time consuming and I know I won't get through my entire collection in one year, but I'll take good pictures as I play in other ways too and eventually, everything will be documented.
  2. Play: It's strange to need a plan to play, but my life is busy and playing with dolls brings me joy and decreases stress. My strategy for playing is still to participate in my local doll club as much as I can, get together with friends (especially inviting friends to my house to play in my doll room and to AG Natick), attend at least one doll convention (this year, the Sasha Festival in Rochester at the beginning of July), and set up and photograph scenes and stories that I will post in my albums and/or my blog. In my last resolutions list, I said I wanted to blog more and take pictures to illustrate the blog posts, but that didn't happen. I'm not much of a blogger (or Instagram or YouTube poster) probably because I'm not motivated by people following me. My goal is to have fun and I value in-person and hands-on fun to the on-line kind. But I will post about the new pictures/albums in the doll forums I participate in and on Facebook. I'm also going to focus on developing characters for my modern dolls and assigning items from my collection to them, which will help me determine what things are extra.
  3. Buy little: The strategy may be obvious but the follow-through is tough. I bought too much over the last three years, and I'm at the point where one doll in means one doll out so that my displays don't become overcrowded. Since I'm bad at selling (see #4), that means my storage area is full of items to get rid of, which stresses me out. (I know: a first world problem.) I have two dolls on my wish list this year (a Tonner My Imagination and a Starpath doll), and I've already selected which dolls they will replace, but I need to stop giving in to good deals, not just on dolls but on stuff as well. Retail therapy isn't really effective anyway and I have more than enough to enjoy, so I need to work on passing up good deals and not indulging wants. One way I've chosen to do that lately is to think about how, if I do not buy something that is a good deal, someone else will benefit. Perhaps a parent will get an item that their child has been wanting or another collector will get the item and actually put it to good use, rather than just squirreling it away for the future or having it to check off on a list.
  4. Sell/Donate extras: Selling extras is still difficult for me -- it is hard work, but too much clutter makes me enjoy my collection less (and it annoys my family who don't share my doll obsession). My strategy hasn't changed here: I'm going to use Craigslist and "by invitation only" sales for local friends I meet through doll club or the on-line message boards to eliminate the hassle of shipping. (The latter helps #2 also.) Second, I'll donate less collectible stuff; I'll bring a box to each of my doll club meetings, and drop off what doll club people don't want at the thrift store at the church where we meet, or post it to Freecycle. Third, I'll sell on Dollation, on the message boards, and/or on eBay but only one or two things at a time. Finally, I'll have a table at (at least) one doll show this year.
  5. Extend Dollation: I've been adding features to Dollation sporadically and I'll continue to do so. The next major feature I want to add is for selling (to help with #4). Adding content is still a priority, but that's also covered by #1 (document my collection) and #2 (play more) since making Dollation the ultimate guide to 18" vinyl play dolls is the main way I play. I want to finish moving all the articles from so I can retire that website, hopefully this year, as well as write some more articles.
  6. Promote Dollation: I haven't been publicizing Dollation much even though I now consider it sufficiently "baked". I'm too busy playing with it! I need to send out regular e-newsletters to keep members coming back. I need to write guest blog posts for outside blogs to promote it and I'll try to get groups on various message lists to start projects to populate the Collector's Guide for their doll interests. I have some ideas of ways to make other folks more invested in Dollation that I need to follow up on, and I want to make some YouTube video tours.

So those are my doll-related New Year's resolutions. I'm excited about the coming year and I feel like I've got a good handle on my doll collection. Since I work (and am self-employed with a business partner at that) and have a family with three kids, I have to be careful about devoting too much time to it since it is just a hobby. I've decided that trying to make it generate income would take away too much of the fun and require too much time that I prefer to spend elsewhere on family and on more socially and personally useful things. So you could say another resolution is to not let my doll collecting interfere with my other priorities.

Another year over and a new year's about to begin! It will be interesting to see how well I did on these goals at the end of 2016. Thanks for reading, doll friends, and I hope my reflections about my doll collecting resolutions have sparked some ideas for you.

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Your two wish lists dolls are mine as well. 

Keep me in the loop on what you're clearing out...I'm an easy mark. Also let me know what you're looking for (that might be a good feature to have in your sales component too) in case I can "clean" anything your way ;)

My only addition to your goals is to blog more comparison posts here on Dollation. I think it's genuine fun to see the dolls side by side with something you can relate to.

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